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2021 – Hopefully not a Dumpster Fire

Well, I’ve returned from a long hiatus. I didn’t realize so much time had elapsed since the last time I written, apologies. Quite a bit of things happened, life.

*knock on wood* haven’t lost anyone close to me due to the Pandemic, but other people have and my heart breaks for them.

I lost two family members late Fall 2019. I don’t want to lose any more.

Things are good. Work is good. Home life is good. I’ve 100% embraced living indoors – I have literally trained for this! I kid, I kid… not really. I am definitely a homebody, anyone who knows me well in real life is already aware of this.

I bought a new desk from IKEA last spring to help out with my home office / craft room combo. I was using just one desk for everything but it was getting a little crazy. Now the room is essentially split in half. Moved out a rather large old dresser of my boyfriends’ and made room to move my IKEA shelving system. It’s still pretty unorganized because I don’t know where all I want things and this room is on the small side.

As many others, I’ve put on weight during this weird time we’re in. Unlike my initial grumblings of how bad I’ve let myself get, I am accepting it. Not going to tell you that I won’t put on more (hahaha) but that isn’t the plan. I intend to continue eating better. Lately, I have large serving of veggies per lunch & dinner and moving more.

I bought a new Apple Watch last May. You guys, I was super intimidated for the first couple months because I was a long-time FitBit user and utterly confused. So many moving parts (apps!). Late last month, a friend shared some bits of handy info about it, so I’m not gaming the system, but rather using it more efficiently. I am not a fan of not being able to sleep with it, like I could with the FitBit as the battery doesn’t last near as long.

Last Fall, I became an Aunt again! My sister in England had her baby boy and you guys, he is the most adorable little baby I’ve seen in awhile. Yeah, I’m biased. Once the Dark Times aren’t so scary, I’d like to go visit them. ūüôā

Painting has improved. Once I figure out things, I want to post a few pieces and maybe a page of “In Progress” items on here. I have a Facebook page dedicated to it but I think I messed up during the setup and I guess I have a business now? It’s not – but oops? Recently started using Oils and Watercolors but I’m not super excited about them as I’m not comfortable yet. Bought more sets of acrylic paints. It’s an obsession. I sold one painting in Fall of 2019 to a coworker friend. I had some finished pieces on display at my desk – not to like sell or anything, mainly for people to look at. I haven’t been at my desk in ages, probably a layer of dust on everything. shudders

Another obsession: Sloths. Baby sloths; adult sloths; any kind of sloths! They’re super adorable and I have a small collection going on here at home: stuffed animals; paintings; little figurines. And Calendars!

Well, let’s just cross our fingers and hope this year is better than the last.

Wear your mask + socially distant + be kind.

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Yeah, so…

It’s been awhile since I’ve been in my account, much less on WordPress. A slew of things took place, mostly good (no worries).

I am now an official painter, acrylics as of now. I haven’t ventured to other mediums but I’d like to try oils at some point. It seems more forgiving and you can blend the colors a bit more easier – as well as the paint takes ages to dry vs acrylics. I haven’t quit my day job though! Making a full-time living on art is a struggle – and I want to paint because it makes me happy. If I am able to sell a piece or several, then hey – bonus! Continue reading “Yeah, so…”

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A Sudden Realization

that I haven’t written in over two years. Last week it hit me, and tried (and succeeded!) in restoring my WordPress account. Apparently, I had my old cell phone linked and couldn’t access it. Anyway, it’s all worked out now.

I’m not here to apologize for not writing, as if anyone really reads this. People close to me will understand why and those who aren’t well, it’s fine if you don’t.

Let’s do a little recap, shall we? (might need a tissue or two) Continue reading “A Sudden Realization”

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A New Start

6 Years РI feel that these last several years were just a taste of what my life should have been like. I was just trying to find myself and what I wanted out of life. Who I wanted to be, who I wanted to share it with, what type of career I craved, and how I wanted to be remembered by family (reconnect or continue holding grudges РI chose the first).

4 Years – I was in a car accident which at the time didn’t seem that big of a deal, but as some may know if you’ve been in that situation, soft-tissue injuries aren’t that apparent and don’t show up on x-rays. Oh the joy.

Continue reading “A New Start”

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Year One

This is a running joke I have going where I pretend I’m going to write each and every day like some fellow bloggers out there, but I end up having zero motivation until I hear a good song. “Dirty Paws” by Of Monsters & Men. For some reason, that particular tune lifts my spirit and I end up opening a word editing program and I type away until I realize I have been writing well over an hour… Continue reading “Year One”


Life Lessons: Family, Friends & Relationships

Last night, Aaron and I were discussing some important life lessons. One being: That there are certain people in your life meant for certain things – and not what you expected. This includes family members and friends. Now that I am thirty-three years old, I think it is time for me to accept it and move on. People are set in their ways and they will not change unless they decide¬†to do so. Continue reading “Life Lessons: Family, Friends & Relationships”

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You get what you give

It’s the little things in a relationship that make it feel special.

Aaron is out mowing the yard and though while I’m inside where it’s cool and quiet, I packed up my small cooler with a damp washcloth tucked inside a ziploc bag – to wash off his face after he’s done, an ice pack and an unopened bottle of water. It is sitting outside on the patio table. I do this each time he mows the lawn and I know he appreciates it greatly. Continue reading “You get what you give”

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Home – is anywhere when I’m with you

A very productive day, but not the way that I planned. A whole lot of kitchen stuff was unpacked and cabinets cleared out as well as some bedroom things. It’s nice to find a home for my stuff again. It’s been packed up well over a year now. Continue reading “Home – is anywhere when I’m with you”