So since March…

My life has been flipped upside down. I’m not as happy as I once was, no matter what I try to do. My pain from the accident is considered chronic now and the doctors don’t know what the next steps are, which leads me into thinking that I need a new doctor + team. I’ve been loaded up on so many medications these last six months that it’s amazing I’m still me but in the end, I just want the pain to go away.

Good things has happened:Read More »


Nerd Alert

I’ve used the Open Office spreadsheet to its extent as of yesterday evening as I learned how to insert Bar Graphs and Pies. I managed to export my entire checking account activity since February onto a spreadsheet, categorize items and break it down per month to see how much exactly I spend. Holy crap yo. Realized we need to drop AT&T Uverse down to the lower package – as we barely watch it during the week. There are only a handful of channels I watch on a semi-regular basis but unfortunately they’re on the Read More »

C25K – W1D2 – Done!

And boy do my legs hurt.. I’m walking around the apartment as if I were a duck, taking baby steps as taking full strides are just too painful.

I never thought, at at 15 years old that my 30 year old body would be so out of shape that jogging/walking for 20 minutes would nearly put me under, but it has. My sister and I were sprinting the other kids in our neighborhood as if it were nothing. We’d rather run around outside after school instead of inside watching TV. I’ve become the opposite. Yesterday, Alexis wanted to go bike riding with us. We’d have to dig them out of the Read More »

The Quiet One

I have gone running only one time this week, which according to C25K during my first week I should be running 3 days, a day apart. Due to the weather the last few days (thunderstormy/lightning/scattered tornado watches) I’ve been cooped up inside after work. Today would be a good day only it is in the mid 80’s and my body isn’t reacting to the high humidity levels that well.Read More »

Couch 2 Couch

I want to apologize for not writing in here as much I should have, especially since I now have my new laptop. No, really – I do! I bought it on Friday after work and it is so lightning fast. It puts my old one to shame. I remedied the whole sensitive mousepad thing by just plugging in the mouse from the old computer. More wires, I know – but more control.

I joined Couch to 5K last week (or maybe the week before) and I have yet to go running. I feel rather bad about that – but my boyfriend and I have literally no spending money and I filled up the car today, enough to last this week and hopefully next until I get paid again.

OK it’s getting rather late, for me anyway. Time to watch some silly youtube videos or read the news then it’s off to bed for me.

I lead an active lifestyle, as you can see. 😉

Happy Tuesday Night