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A Sudden Realization

that I haven’t written in over two years. Last week it hit me, and tried (and succeeded!) in restoring my WordPress account. Apparently, I had my old cell phone linked and couldn’t access it. Anyway, it’s all worked out now.

I’m not here to apologize for not writing, as if anyone really reads this. People close to me will understand why and those who aren’t well, it’s fine if you don’t.

Let’s do a little recap, shall we? (might need a tissue or two) Continue reading “A Sudden Realization”

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The Whole World is Watching

This SOPA/PIPA thing is insane. Why would ANYONE vote for this? Why? Also, why do people at work know nothing about this? We all have to use Google to access a program yet no one, except for one person (besides me) said something about the big black rectangle covering up Google? I give up. I already knew about the blackout via Wikipedia’s announcement last night. A few other sites joined arms as well, I just wish other big type sites did too. I mean, Google did – but still is functional – which is good too. At least they’re informing people of it instead of ignoring the possibly damaging act that some morons think should pass. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in free-thinking and free speech, but this just cancels out free speech, if this law does pass. Then our internet commerce would collapse. Everything. Except the government. We’d turn into China. Hell, there would be no more Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, etc.

I signed the petition (safe link, promise – via Google). I do hope everyone else does too.

I have been thinking about this for awhile now: how to increase traffic to my site. Like, die-hard readers that I used to have when I was on Diaryland (yeah, they’re still around) and I want that back again. After reading a few other blogs I came to the realization that I simply do not blog enough and I’m not really that interesting. I tend to complain a bit more than I should and there really isn’t a reason for it. Even those who are in worse situations are happy with their lives, why can’t I be? I’ve always been like this. I mean, I’m grateful for where I am, what I have, who I’m with but I don’t understand why I nit-pik just about everything. I’m not really like this. Erm, this is not who I want to be, that is.

I hate that I second-guess myself. Especially at work where at my new job I’m tetering between learning to be a phone-jockey (durr.. I can do that in my sleep!) and an admin assistant where there’s LOTS of computer work to do, like hours. Thing is, I have this fear of making outbound calls. No, I don’t work at a tele-marketing company, but people call us to see if they qualify for our services and we [screeners] have to ahem “screen” people. I’m talking very VERY short calls, 30 sec to determine whether the callers can be passed on through or not. If not, we have to simply hang up. Now, I’m not a fan of that – nor am I of having to rush someone needing assistance. They’re already in a panic, and I’m not a rude person on the phone, so meh.. That’s my hesitation, it’s stupid I know. It’s great money that is, when I get fully trained with the Admin stuff. Won’t be long really, two weeks they said I should be up to speed and my own real desk! I have one now but its very temporary and they said I’ll need more drawer/desk space. I really have this urge to bring in some thumb tacks and highlighters and and… but I better not get all cozy yet till I get moved.

Phone Auto Correct, when texting. Very handy usually, other times, not so much. A moment ago, Clint said I’m weak for wanting to go to bed at 10 tonight. I’m getting up at 6 ish in the morning, and I didn’t get much sleep last night, so yeah… So in response my phone, not me said: “Yeah trash” DUDE I didn’t say trash, or even tap it, the phone decided that on its own! I swear my phone is possessed. The battery must be dying in it as well. When I’m home, I have that thing plugged in all the time, by lunchtime at work it is half dead. I’m *so* jealous of Clint’s new iPhone 4S. Seriously. It actually doesn’t lock up or die.. or anything bad!

Yeah there I go again. Complain about dumb crap. My job [very very thankful in having one to begin with, don’t get me wrong] and a phone. It’s a smart phone but lacking the smart part, in my humble opinion.

At work though, I really wish I could be moved to a quieter area of the office, or pop in my earbuds for my Nano because seriously. It gets quite loud in there sometimes, with the sales agents speaking over each other, it becomes nerve-wracking. They have to realize that they’re not the only ones in the office and some would like peace and quiet. This is my second week, so I won’t even mention anything. Hopefully my new desk will be in a quieter spot.

In fantastic news: my younger sister got engaged earlier this month. Yay! Very, very happy for the both of them. Have yet to announce the big day, but sometime in November of this year. 🙂

Now I must get ready for bed. Two more days, Nicole.. just two more days..

G’night all.. and do me a favor, file a petition!

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Lazy Sunday

This morning I slept in much later than planned, but it is the weekend so really, who’s going to complain? The first thought that popped into my mind when I grabbed my phone to disable the much-too-late-alarm was French Toast. I then visted FoodGawker’s site and searched for the best/easiest recipe and I found one. Looked simple enough. Continue reading “Lazy Sunday”