Life Lessons: Family, Friends & Relationships

Last night, Aaron and I were discussing some important life lessons. One being: That there are certain people in your life meant for certain things – and not what you expected. This includes family members and friends. Now that I am thirty-three years old, I think it is time for me to accept it and move on. People are set in their ways and they will not change unless they decide┬áto do so.Read More »



(n.) a healthy state of mind, characterized by self-control, moderation and a deep awareness of one’s true self, and resulting in true happiness.

See, sometimes Facebook is meant for good.Read More »

Layoff – Day 2

I had a rather productive day for what it was worth, despite the horrible news of being laid off. I knew I had a bad feeling after waking up yesterday morning and around the time of making my breakfast, a silent migraine hit and I knew I’d be down for a few hours. It killed me to text my boss that I’d be coming in late, on a Monday but I couldn’t drive in the state I was in. I haven’t had that sickening feeling since the day of my accident and I couldn’t shake it for the life of me. What’s done is done,Read More »



I’ve been feeling rather old as of late.. I started to run a few weeks ago (eek, almost a month ago!) and afterwards, my back began to ache. I thought it was temporary, run of the mill type of pain and it would go away. It has gotten worse, and add the cold weather to the mix – ah hell. :/ It is most likely resulting from the car accident in July and my compounding back issues, but c’mon!Read More »


Great news!

We got the place/new apartment! We found out early evening Thursday but I haven’t been online much since then. Now all we really need to get is make sure of the location of the apartment – we checked out one that’s available in our time frame but the patio is facing the trash compactor. Though the apt is great, the view isn’t so much. They do have other ones available, but have yet to reach the staff yet to find out the addresses. We are also on the hunt for a washer and dryer set – we’re not picky, as long as they’re in good condition and aren’t gas. I’m soRead More »


Heat Wave 2012!

June flown by and July is here, and the awful heat wave is finally going away, for now. I haven’t had much energy – therefore no exercising has gone on, but that’s about to change. I’m starting to eat better (less junk) and cut out the caffeine, well the sodas anyway. My workload has picked up a bit too, but it’s a good thing. Been fully transferred to my new department as of three weeks ago and it is wonderful. In other good news: we may have found a new place to live. Its not a town home thatRead More »


Selfishness + Forgiveness

I know…. I so know that I’ve been so bad at not writing as much as I used to, or promised myself but things have to change. I need to keep up on it, it used to be my release of stress and now I’m a big ball of unreleased stress.. This weekend was an eye opener of sorts. Without getting in the details: I basically suck. Been a terrible friend; sister; daughter; co-worker; girlfriend. I let all my frustrations on those who I care about instead of working it through and dealing with it like a normal adult.
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