May the 4th be with you…

Is what people keep saying today, but I’m not a Star Wars fan – however it was such a great day.

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So since March…

My life has been flipped upside down. I’m not as happy as I once was, no matter what I try to do. My pain from the accident is considered chronic now and the doctors don’t know what the next steps are, which leads me into thinking that I need a new doctor + team. I’ve been loaded up on so many medications these last six months that it’s amazing I’m still me but in the end, I just want the pain to go away.

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The Quiet One

I have gone running only one time this week, which according to C25K during my first week I should be running 3 days, a day apart. Due to the weather the last few days (thunderstormy/lightning/scattered tornado watches) I’ve been cooped up inside after work. Today would be a good day only it is in the mid 80’s and my body isn’t reacting to the high humidity levels that well.Read More »

Short, but a good day

The first day of my new job was shortened due to the printers running out of toner – so they were unable to print off individual copies of the enormous Employee Handbook to everyone, nearly twenty people. Instead, the trainer read off key points of the master copy. I wrote down some things that I should try to remember, including the awesome perks: two weeks of paid vacation after 90 days. Woot! Read More »