Life Lessons: Family, Friends & Relationships

Last night, Aaron and I were discussing some important life lessons. One being: That there are certain people in your life meant for certain things – and not what you expected. This includes family members and friends. Now that I am thirty-three years old, I think it is time for me to accept it and move on. People are set in their ways and they will not change unless they decide to do so.

I have been anxious about all of this stuff for several years – pondering my life from then to present and realizing though some people had the best intentions, I was led very much astray. I feel that now, finally I have a clear mindset of what happened and should have taken place instead.

I grew up as an anxious child, teenager, and adult. I am afraid that I will always have some degree of anxiety in my life but I’m realizing now that I had some valid reasons at the time to feel that way. Now-a-days, I have the normal life stressors: job, bills (haha, yay!), what am I going to make for dinner? – but they are justified and manageable.

I had told Aaron that I wish I had met him ages ago.. maybe I would have avoided the negativity. He shares the same with me. However, now we have been together exactly nine months tomorrow (eek!) and we have yet to argue, there is no tension, we laugh at least a dozen times daily and countless other things. I used to look on FB and scroll through friends’ pages and see their happy lives while I was either in a relationship or not and wonder if that would be me at some point. Though, he doesn’t have FB and I don’t share our pictures a lot, we are truly happy together.


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