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Year One

This is a running joke I have going where I pretend I’m going to write each and every day like some fellow bloggers out there, but I end up having zero motivation until I hear a good song. “Dirty Paws” by Of Monsters & Men. For some reason, that particular tune lifts my spirit and I end up opening a word editing program and I type away until I realize I have been writing well over an hour…

That of course, isn’t the case tonight, but I do have hopes.

I have recently changed my life, for the better. I started a new job at a great company with some of the best folks I’ve met thus far. It is exactly what I’ve been looking for, for years now. I hold a great deal of responsibility; I have yet to talk on the phone; I get to play on Excel; my department is rather quiet most of the time: pure bliss. It is an Introvert’s Dream come true! That and I’ll be debt free within a forseeable future. That my friends, is something I haven’t been able to fathom.

Life here with Aaron is like a dream of sorts. Though, he is now working nights and myself days, we do get to spend weekends together. We recently celebrated our one year anniversary and it was wonderful. ❤ There is no stress (having a job helps, tons!) but we have yet to get in any sort of argument.

The weather here has been rather bi-polar but hopefully no snow until this fall/winter. I believe I speak for everyone here in Indiana when I say that I am really tired of winter, cold weather and snow. Also, ice – you can go away now. With it warming up a bit, I am outside more (not so much during the week, sadly) and started to run a bit.

Yep, and there goes my writing mood. I told you it was bad.

I have an early morning tomorrow… but but.. tomorrow is FRIDAY! Finally!

Have a good one, all.


One thought on “Year One

  1. I, too, listen to music when I write. It’s pretty much necessary! Sometimes it’s just the same song playing over and over again. LOL.

    On blogging every day: remember your inner writer is always working, even when you’re at rest.

    Sounds like you’re well on your way to a better life. Keep going.

    Love you, sis.

    -Vee x

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