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Life Is Good

A whole lot has happened over these last few months: Continue reading “Life Is Good”

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I’m telling people I turned 29…

Because 32 is just too dang old, in my opinion. 😉

It was a good birthday today, in fact – weekend. Managed to squeeze in 40 hours into four days and was able to take a three day weekend, and it was quite lovely. Stayed up too late and slept in too late – something that never happens to me anymore, and boy did I pay for it each morning. Was it worth it? Yes.  Continue reading “I’m telling people I turned 29…”

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Oh yeah.. I’m totally not ready for Christmas this year…

I have turned into a baking-researching-cookie fiend as of late. Getting all passionate and excited over the simplest recipes. Last Thursday at work, we celebrated Thanksgiving and I made some Chocolate Crinkle cookies. They were flavored with natural peppermint oil and had white chocolate morsels inside each one. I made approx 60 but the recipe called for 50. I made them Continue reading “Oh yeah.. I’m totally not ready for Christmas this year…”

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One Year Older!

It is going on midnight as I type this sentence out. Two minutes remain of my 31st birthday, and I am happy to report that it was a fun-filled day. Woke up rather late but that’s allowed, and it is a Saturday too. Clint and I drove to Red Robin for lunch – ate our weight in food, at least I did. He was smart about it and discovered his stopping point. I’m still not hungry and that’s the only thing I ate today. Besides cake, of course. Then we hopped back into the car and drove downtown Indianapolis where we went to Circle Centre Mall and straight to Godiva – for a shake. OH SO GOOD. Wandered around the mall and two floors, visited several Continue reading “One Year Older!”

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C25K – W1D2 – Done!

And boy do my legs hurt.. I’m walking around the apartment as if I were a duck, taking baby steps as taking full strides are just too painful.

I never thought, at at 15 years old that my 30 year old body would be so out of shape that jogging/walking for 20 minutes would nearly put me under, but it has. My sister and I were sprinting the other kids in our neighborhood as if it were nothing. We’d rather run around outside after school instead of inside watching TV. I’ve become the opposite. Yesterday, Alexis wanted to go bike riding with us. We’d have to dig them out of the Continue reading “C25K – W1D2 – Done!”

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Back To the Future


OMG I totally forgot I couldn’t directly link images from Angelfire to well, anywhere. I realized this mistake this morning when I checked this blog via my phone but was unable to remedy anything till I got home. Now Angelfire refuses to let me save my own images to my computer so I can upload them. :/

It is tornado season here in the Ohio Valley.

I’m afraid of tornadoes, tornado sirens, thunder and severe weather. Lightning I can handle as long as it doesn’t strike me. It is Severe Weather Awareness Week and today the city sounded the sirens as a test twice, both caught me off guard. I didn’t know that it’d be tested – as that happens always at 11 AM Fridays. The first one went off at 10:45 while I was at work. I jumped in my chair and my co-workers laughed. I tried to Continue reading “Back To the Future”

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AA isn’t in my near future…right?

This weekend was a blast. Seriously. Friday after I got home from work, I found Alexis and Clint patiently waiting on the couch as I raced to freshen up and head out the door for festivities. Dinner at Longhorn’s Steakhouse, a scary movie (Silent House) and bowling. Lots of fun! Poor Alexis was scared throughout the movie and with bowling, she didn’t have much luck with it but in time she’ll be okay. Not saying I’m a pro – far from it but we Continue reading “AA isn’t in my near future…right?”

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I was baking/getting crafty and DID NOT catch anything on fire. I deserve an award.

I am known as the “quiet, reserved one” at work. I have a tendency to observe more so than speak up or talk. Not like I don’t like to talk, but when you work in a call center, there’s enough talk going on as it is. Also since I was young, I have a problem when speaking. A speech impediment, possibly. I stay away from certain words for a reason – because either I simply cannot pronounce them or they turn out to be completely Continue reading “I was baking/getting crafty and DID NOT catch anything on fire. I deserve an award.”

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2012 is shaping up to be a GREAT year!

A few good things going on this year:

  • I’m signing up with insurance with work: with that I’m SO getting new glasses, my teeth worked on and going for regular check-ups at the     doctor. My glasses are twelve years old. I wore them my Senior year in HS.
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I never “LOL” but this post qualifies

This weekend has flown by too fast.

Friday was a disaster at work. Within minutes of starting my work for the day, I was told I was moving desks. Normally isn’t a big deal but they were having me move in direct sight of the department manager and next to her admin. The admin is a “go-getter” and is still learning Excel – there was a moment in the day where the manager asked me if I know how to create page breaks, so that each agent had their own page of cases they were working on. Apparently her admin knew nothing of how to do this. This makes me want to scream. Continue reading “I never “LOL” but this post qualifies”