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Layoff – Day 3

A dozen applications/resumes sent off to positions around Indy as well as signed up with two additional temp agencies. Made several phone calls to arrange payments with upcoming bills (ahem, car note). That was the only call I have been dreading all week and it was all for nothing. They were very (and surprisingly) understanding. Continue reading “Layoff – Day 3”


Layoff – Day 2

I had a rather productive day for what it was worth, despite the horrible news of being laid off. I knew I had a bad feeling after waking up yesterday morning and around the time of making my breakfast, a silent migraine hit and I knew I’d be down for a few hours. It killed me to text my boss that I’d be coming in late, on a Monday but I couldn’t drive in the state I was in. I haven’t had that sickening feeling since the day of my accident and I couldn’t shake it for the life of me. What’s done is done, Continue reading “Layoff – Day 2”

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I’m telling people I turned 29…

Because 32 is just too dang old, in my opinion. 😉

It was a good birthday today, in fact – weekend. Managed to squeeze in 40 hours into four days and was able to take a three day weekend, and it was quite lovely. Stayed up too late and slept in too late – something that never happens to me anymore, and boy did I pay for it each morning. Was it worth it? Yes.  Continue reading “I’m telling people I turned 29…”

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So since March…

My life has been flipped upside down. I’m not as happy as I once was, no matter what I try to do. My pain from the accident is considered chronic now and the doctors don’t know what the next steps are, which leads me into thinking that I need a new doctor + team. I’ve been loaded up on so many medications these last six months that it’s amazing I’m still me but in the end, I just want the pain to go away.

Good things has happened: Continue reading “So since March…”

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March already…

It has been a very rough last few months for me. Not going to get into specifics but just going to say that if you don’t listen to your heart and face the music, you’re going to continue to lie to yourself and whatever you have to deal with, is your own damn fault. Continue reading “March already…”

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Like a good neighbor….

Ever think that when bad things happen, you’ll be taken care of? Not so with car insurance companies. They exist to rip you off and cut you down so that when you’re lucky to get to the settlement phase, you get barely any scraps of what you deserve. I discovered this last week when the other drivers’ insurance (which happens to share my insurance company) offered a settlement that’s not even laughable.

You have three choices: Continue reading “Like a good neighbor….”

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Oh yeah.. I’m totally not ready for Christmas this year…

I have turned into a baking-researching-cookie fiend as of late. Getting all passionate and excited over the simplest recipes. Last Thursday at work, we celebrated Thanksgiving and I made some Chocolate Crinkle cookies. They were flavored with natural peppermint oil and had white chocolate morsels inside each one. I made approx 60 but the recipe called for 50. I made them Continue reading “Oh yeah.. I’m totally not ready for Christmas this year…”



I’ve been feeling rather old as of late.. I started to run a few weeks ago (eek, almost a month ago!) and afterwards, my back began to ache. I thought it was temporary, run of the mill type of pain and it would go away. It has gotten worse, and add the cold weather to the mix – ah hell. :/ It is most likely resulting from the car accident in July and my compounding back issues, but c’mon! Continue reading “Halllowweeennnn”

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One Year Older!

It is going on midnight as I type this sentence out. Two minutes remain of my 31st birthday, and I am happy to report that it was a fun-filled day. Woke up rather late but that’s allowed, and it is a Saturday too. Clint and I drove to Red Robin for lunch – ate our weight in food, at least I did. He was smart about it and discovered his stopping point. I’m still not hungry and that’s the only thing I ate today. Besides cake, of course. Then we hopped back into the car and drove downtown Indianapolis where we went to Circle Centre Mall and straight to Godiva – for a shake. OH SO GOOD. Wandered around the mall and two floors, visited several Continue reading “One Year Older!”


Great news!

We got the place/new apartment! We found out early evening Thursday but I haven’t been online much since then. Now all we really need to get is make sure of the location of the apartment – we checked out one that’s available in our time frame but the patio is facing the trash compactor. Though the apt is great, the view isn’t so much. They do have other ones available, but have yet to reach the staff yet to find out the addresses. We are also on the hunt for a washer and dryer set – we’re not picky, as long as they’re in good condition and aren’t gas. I’m so Continue reading “Great news!”