You get what you give

It’s the little things in a relationship that make it feel special.

Aaron is out mowing the yard and though while I’m inside where it’s cool and quiet, I packed up my small cooler with a damp washcloth tucked inside a ziploc bag – to wash off his face after he’s done, an ice pack and an unopened bottle of water. It is sitting outside on the patio table. I do this each time he mows the lawn and I know he appreciates it greatly.Read More »


The Quiet One

I have gone running only one time this week, which according to C25K during my first week I should be running 3 days, a day apart. Due to the weather the last few days (thunderstormy/lightning/scattered tornado watches) I’ve been cooped up inside after work. Today would be a good day only it is in the mid 80’s and my body isn’t reacting to the high humidity levels that well.Read More »

Couch 2 Couch

I want to apologize for not writing in here as much I should have, especially since I now have my new laptop. No, really – I do! I bought it on Friday after work and it is so lightning fast. It puts my old one to shame. I remedied the whole sensitive mousepad thing by just plugging in the mouse from the old computer. More wires, I know – but more control.

I joined Couch to 5K last week (or maybe the week before) and I have yet to go running. I feel rather bad about that – but my boyfriend and I have literally no spending money and I filled up the car today, enough to last this week and hopefully next until I get paid again.

OK it’s getting rather late, for me anyway. Time to watch some silly youtube videos or read the news then it’s off to bed for me.

I lead an active lifestyle, as you can see. 😉

Happy Tuesday Night


Havin’ A Bad Day…

They say Mondays are bad days. Yep, today was just that. I should have stayed home and inside, all day.

Once I got to work, checked my email before clocking in, I received a nasty email from my boss who reminded me that even though I’m assisting her department (that’s putting it lightly, I’m working there 6 hrs each day), I still have responsibilities at my current department to oversee throughout the day, print out reports when needed, things like that. Sounds simple. On Friday I was told to spend the rest of the day being trained, so that’s what I did. Read More »


So much for that…

After spending a good portion of my evening finding pictures I’ve taken or that my boyfriend has.. cropping them to the specified dimensions WordPress requires for headers, upon uploading said photos, I discovered that WordPress automatically crops pictures. D’oh! Well, at least I know this now…
Read More »


A Change is On The Rise

These last few, ok several weeks of shopping at Wal-mart on the weekends have ruined my good eating habits and replaced them with junk. All. Junk. I did eat some feta/spinach pizza for dinner a little bit ago but now snacking on some kettle corn popcorn while Read More »


OK so maybe I do have a problem

with managing stress. I can’t seem to just let things go. Unfortunately this isn’t a recent issue either, I’ve been like this for years. I read up on WebMD on how to work through it and though it may be helpful for others, I do not ever see myself doing Yoga, or keeping a stress journal. Isn’t what this is? I used to think if I had everything in order (at home: keep things from getting cluttered, clean weekly if not daily) that I’d be happy. This is not the case. Read More »