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Pretend Time @ Work & Food Ideas

I tried something new at work: I faked being happy – and it seemed to do the trick. My boss and co-workers noticed the change and asked if I got my car already and if they can check it out. I told them I’ll get it this weekend, but I’m just happy. In all honesty, I was 95% sure I was going to call in sick because I wasn’t feeling good at all. But I knew I should at least make an effort in showing up and make an attempt in staying as long as Continue reading “Pretend Time @ Work & Food Ideas”

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No room for drama here

Drinking and eating dessert. Great idea, thank you.

It is the last alcoholic drink in the fridge. We don’t drink beer – this is a Bartle & James strawberry daiquiri left over from New Years. I poured it into a cup full of ice. The ice is mostly melted – and I fixed this about 2 hours ago when I was making dinner. The dinner was actually healthy: garlic/battered baked fish; corn (super buttery); creamy garlic rice. OK maybe not super healthy, but it is better than White Castle, right? Continue reading “No room for drama here”

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Havin’ A Bad Day…

They say Mondays are bad days. Yep, today was just that. I should have stayed home and inside, all day.

Once I got to work, checked my email before clocking in, I received a nasty email from my boss who reminded me that even though I’m assisting her department (that’s putting it lightly, I’m working there 6 hrs each day), I still have responsibilities at my current department to oversee throughout the day, print out reports when needed, things like that. Sounds simple. On Friday I was told to spend the rest of the day being trained, so that’s what I did. Continue reading “Havin’ A Bad Day…”

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This and that

The Superbowl crowds have left Indianapolis and I’m ever so thankful. The weather was so nice during that time (in the 40’s/50’s and SUNNY) but of course after they left, it returned to normal, teens to 30’s and chance of snow each night. It was good while it lasted.

In efforts in bringing up my credit score (futile move, at this rate) I decided it was probably time to start chipping away at my debt and make some sort of effort in paying it off. Continue reading “This and that”

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A cure is wanted

For a week-long headache. Started out as a migrane but now it’s barely there but I can feel it in the back of my head. If anyone knows, I’m all ears.
I had a better day at work than I expected. Instead of sticking to the redundant script meant for us to follow for each call that comes in, I decided to be myself – respectful but less boring. Continue reading “A cure is wanted”

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Moved In

Yep, that’s right folks – all done. All unpacked and home-y? Well, mostly. 🙂

I was terribly sick with Bronchitis; Sinus Infection; Ear Infection and overall crap for about two months. I had visited an urgent care doctor’s office – which I’ll never return. I waited for an hour just to be seen by the doctor for one minute, with him saying I have a simple ear infection (to account for my hearing loss in my left ear), sinus infection (I lost all taste and smell) but nothing he said justified why I was having a hard time breathing. Along my right lung, it hurt to breathe/cough/move. It was awful. He gave me a prescription for antibiotics. The rest of it, I was on my own. Two weeks later, my symptoms got worse. I could barely move without sharp pain. I had to go to the ER. My boyfriend (so very patient, and kind…) took me there, hours before he had to report to work. Immediately after my vitals were taken, I was walked to the exam room. My Oxygen level was lower than normal. After three hours, a chest x-ray, breathing treatment, they came back with a diagnosis: Bronchitis! But this time, they gave me an inhaler and real cough medicine. I had to call off to work that day, and my boss wasn’t too happy about it. She even threatened to take me off the schedule. Meh. At the time, I really wanted the job but now.. Now? Not so much.

I have so much crap stress there, it’s insane. There is one person (well, two/three ish) people I cannot stand working with. Not to mention the moron/stupid customers. All for what? $8 an hour? Pshh! The rent at our apartment is much less than what I’d be paying for everything at the old place with my half-sister and her daughter. Decisions, decisions.

Yesterday, I spent a good half hour on a cleaning spree throughout the apartment. Namely the bathroom, it hasn’t been cleaned since we moved in just over a month ago. It wasn’t that bad as you may think. Just dust had settled along the edge of the tub and some on the mirror. I went ahead and wiped down all surfaces. We don’t have a mop or a broom yet – but that wasn’t an issue, the floor.

We went to Applebee’s for lunch yesterday. The 2 for $20 deal we chose. He got his usual sirloin steak (looked yummy) and I picked out the riblet basket. Uhm *shakes head* won’t be getting that one ever again. At first, I thought it was just one of those McRib things from McDonald’s because I didn’t see any ribs/bone. Oh hell. Thin and flat, hidden in the meat. Nothing like TGIF or O’Charley’s.

Tonight, I worked. 8+ hours, but I was warned to not go over eight. Meh. The co-worker tonight doesn’t have much common sense and she didn’t realize today was the last day of the work week. They operate so strange there.

I went to Wal-mart immediately after work, though after glancing at the level of my gas in my car, I should have filled up. The price of gas here, $3.74. HOLY COW! I’ve heard that before/at the start of summer, it’ll be $4. Ugh, now I can see that happening. Oh, the days of less than $2 a gallon… I picked up several cans of veggies, fruits and some bags of mashed potatoes. Cheddar smoked sausage, rolled biscuits, crackers, haha. We do eat healthy, promise.

We have a neighbor in our building (I hope, anyway) who has a habit of standing outside the building. More often than not, you can find him chatting on his cell phone while smoking but lately as I’m leaving/coming home, I see him outside, drinking from a horrid Speedway styrofoam (sp?) cup and smoking. OK so he cares about not smoking inside the apartment, cause smoking is NASTY but c’mon GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! He also likes to chat me up whenever he sees me. I don’t fall for that, I’m perfectly happy with Clint and not interested in anyone else as friends or otherwise. Friends are cool, but I’m not looking for anyone of that nature around here. Wish I could just tell him to go away. Too bad though.

Since the five or so weeks we’ve been living here, we’ve noticed that there’s a CRAP TON of police activity. I mean, the week we moved in, five people were arrested for Meth/Drug smuggling. Isn’t that crazy? Those five people lived here. I make it a point to not leave anything valuable in my car – that’s my golden rule.. but I need to probably clean out my glove box too, to be on the safe side.

The apartment is slowly coming along. There’s a few pieces we’re missing: the “perfect” coffee table; loads of IKEA stuff (a trip we’ll take this summer probably); a futon/couch thing for the office (no idea where to put it – haha); and various other things. Oh and an office chair! Clint does have one, but it doesn’t go up so I’ve been propping myself up with a folded down thick pillow. I’ve always been strange. Need to be sitting up way high. :p

This possible Government Shutdown is serious stuff. At first, I thought it was just the budget and something… nothing to do with me and everyone else but I was wrong. I hope they do meet the deadline – this will completely mess everyone up.

I am honestly wired at the moment. I had a Rockstar at work, several hours ago and drinking an iced coffee (which I made all by myself). I’m going to be up for hours!

Ah well, I’ve been writing this for quite a long time and I’m starting to yawn – uh oh! Going to hop off here and watch a bit of U-Verse.

G’night all!



Has many definitions but the most common: a conflict carried on by force of arms, as between nations or between parties within a nation; warfare, as by land, sea, or air.

I read an article about the War on Drugs and honestly, I think it’s a crap-shoot. It’s a complete waste of time, resources and money. Prosecuting otherwise non-violent individuals with minimal amounts of drugs. The cost of sending those to prison is staggering, not counting the amount while going through the court system.

This is just about the non-violent people. Those who commit crimes while getting said drugs – they’re the other story. Those type people should be prosecuted.

I’m just tired of reading about the War on Drugs within our country, Mexico, Middle East, Canada, etc. It’ll never end. Never. The drug cartels are getting rich, as their users are getting sick and dying. The people who get caught using, need to be helped, not incarcerated. Rehabilitation does work. Simply locking them up does no good. People need to be re-educated about the dangers of drug use.

I, for one, do not do any sort of drugs. I know, a lot of people say that but behind closed doors do another, but all I take are (as of late) Tylenol Cold. I have a killer cold or sinus infection that’s kicking my butt. I will never take any drugs that will alter the way how I feel. I hate feeling out of control. Which is why I rarely drink, and when I do, I make sure I’m around trusting people. That and I’m a light weight. Drugs are a huge waste of money, too. I like to keep my money. Thank you very much.


I know, this post is very different from many others, but I thought I should put my two cents in.