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A Sudden Realization

that I haven’t written in over two years. Last week it hit me, and tried (and succeeded!) in restoring my WordPress account. Apparently, I had my old cell phone linked and couldn’t access it. Anyway, it’s all worked out now.

I’m not here to apologize for not writing, as if anyone really reads this. People close to me will understand why and those who aren’t well, it’s fine if you don’t.

Let’s do a little recap, shall we? (might need a tissue or two) Continue reading “A Sudden Realization”

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One Year Older!

It is going on midnight as I type this sentence out. Two minutes remain of my 31st birthday, and I am happy to report that it was a fun-filled day. Woke up rather late but that’s allowed, and it is a Saturday too. Clint and I drove to Red Robin for lunch – ate our weight in food, at least I did. He was smart about it and discovered his stopping point. I’m still not hungry and that’s the only thing I ate today. Besides cake, of course. Then we hopped back into the car and drove downtown Indianapolis where we went to Circle Centre Mall and straight to Godiva – for a shake. OH SO GOOD. Wandered around the mall and two floors, visited several Continue reading “One Year Older!”

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It’s here!

You must forgive me for not writing as much as this time last month. Much has transpired in this short time.

Well, I have my new car here, it’s resting in the apartment parking lot after a long trip/haul here from Pennsylvania. Though I am quite happy it is here – its rather bittersweet. It arrived yesterday by our friend who has been working on it, with many other cars these last six months. I’m thrilled it is here – my Camry is gone. I traded it for the SVX. No more exhaust consuming my lungs anymore. Continue reading “It’s here!”

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Pretend Time @ Work & Food Ideas

I tried something new at work: I faked being happy – and it seemed to do the trick. My boss and co-workers noticed the change and asked if I got my car already and if they can check it out. I told them I’ll get it this weekend, but I’m just happy. In all honesty, I was 95% sure I was going to call in sick because I wasn’t feeling good at all. But I knew I should at least make an effort in showing up and make an attempt in staying as long as Continue reading “Pretend Time @ Work & Food Ideas”

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Funny + Serious Stuff

The first thought that entered my mind this morning, besides the usual “Do I have to get up?” was “I want White Castle today.” I’m eating my 2nd dinner: the last two of 7 sliders I bought this morning before work. I bought more, for Clint & I. He wanted to try their breakfast slider. Bacon egg slider. OH SO GOOD! Continue reading “Funny + Serious Stuff”

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So much for that…

After spending a good portion of my evening finding pictures I’ve taken or that my boyfriend has.. cropping them to the specified dimensions WordPress requires for headers, upon uploading said photos, I discovered that WordPress automatically crops pictures. D’oh! Well, at least I know this now…
Continue reading “So much for that…”

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Good afternoon 2 January 2012!

The holidays were very nice – could have lived w/o the drama at work but I suppose that’s expected. We set up our tree rather late in the year, discovered it in storage that it was missing a leg on the stand, so we set it up, leaning into the corner beside the front door. Continue reading “Good afternoon 2 January 2012!”

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Too much caffeine

There is a such thing as too much caffeine. I proved it – well, now. I can’t keep my thoughts in order and I’m too buzzed at the moment to really complete a single task.

Buzzed as in, too hyper. Nothing else. 🙂 Continue reading “Too much caffeine”

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Autumn is upon us, in full swing. The leaves have fallen (mostly the top half of the trees surrounding our apartment complex) but that still counts, right? The temps outside have fallen as well, so much that I get hit with a cold burst once I leave work and head out into the abyss of cars and people. Continue reading “Brr!”

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Update Update Update!

A few updates:

I have a new New job. I actually had another one during August, but that didn’t work out. Nothing I did, rather the temp agency I went through, but that’s old news. My current job is within a warehouse and boy, I can tell you that there is a LOT of walking involved! I work for a .com and I’m on the Outbound department, where I have to pick items from the billions of shelves, place into totes, which will eventually be transferred to shipping, then shipped off to customers. Continue reading “Update Update Update!”