One Year Older!

It is going on midnight as I type this sentence out. Two minutes remain of my 31st birthday, and I am happy to report that it was a fun-filled day. Woke up rather late but that’s allowed, and it is a Saturday too. Clint and I drove to Red Robin for lunch – ate our weight in food, at least I did. He was smart about it and discovered his stopping point. I’m still not hungry and that’s the only thing I ate today. Besides cake, of course. Then we hopped back into the car and drove downtown Indianapolis where we went to Circle Centre Mall and straight to Godiva – for a shake. OH SO GOOD. Wandered around the mall and two floors, visited several Read More »


It’s here!

You must forgive me for not writing as much as this time last month. Much has transpired in this short time.

Well, I have my new car here, it’s resting in the apartment parking lot after a long trip/haul here from Pennsylvania. Though I am quite happy it is here – its rather bittersweet. It arrived yesterday by our friend who has been working on it, with many other cars these last six months. I’m thrilled it is here – my Camry is gone. I traded it for the SVX. No more exhaust consuming my lungs anymore.Read More »

Pretend Time @ Work & Food Ideas

I tried something new at work: I faked being happy – and it seemed to do the trick. My boss and co-workers noticed the change and asked if I got my car already and if they can check it out. I told them I’ll get it this weekend, but I’m just happy. In all honesty, I was 95% sure I was going to call in sick because I wasn’t feeling good at all. But I knew I should at least make an effort in showing up and make an attempt in staying as long as Read More »


Funny + Serious Stuff

The first thought that entered my mind this morning, besides the usual “Do I have to get up?” was “I want White Castle today.” I’m eating my 2nd dinner: the last two of 7 sliders I bought this morning before work. I bought more, for Clint & I. He wanted to try their breakfast slider. Bacon egg slider. OH SO GOOD!Read More »


So much for that…

After spending a good portion of my evening finding pictures I’ve taken or that my boyfriend has.. cropping them to the specified dimensions WordPress requires for headers, upon uploading said photos, I discovered that WordPress automatically crops pictures. D’oh! Well, at least I know this now…
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Good afternoon 2 January 2012!

The holidays were very nice – could have lived w/o the drama at work but I suppose that’s expected. We set up our tree rather late in the year, discovered it in storage that it was missing a leg on the stand, so we set it up, leaning into the corner beside the front door. Read More »


Too much caffeine

There is a such thing as too much caffeine. I proved it – well, now. I can’t keep my thoughts in order and I’m too buzzed at the moment to really complete a single task.

Buzzed as in, too hyper. Nothing else. 🙂Read More »