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A New Start

6 Years – I feel that these last several years were just a taste of what my life should have been like. I was just trying to find myself and what I wanted out of life. Who I wanted to be, who I wanted to share it with, what type of career I craved, and how I wanted to be remembered by family (reconnect or continue holding grudges – I chose the first).

4 Years – I was in a car accident which at the time didn’t seem that big of a deal, but as some may know if you’ve been in that situation, soft-tissue injuries aren’t that apparent and don’t show up on x-rays. Oh the joy.

3 Years –  I was just coming to terms of the horrible relationship I had remarkably escaped, thanks to a dear friend of mine and her boyfriend & family. I was realizing that life didn’t need to be lived behind closed doors and yes, in fact, healthy couples do communicate and not break each other down.

2 Years – I met and fell in love with the most amazing person. We’re still together and ever so slowly remodeling parts of the house. Life is grand.

1 Year – I landed my most perfect job/career ever: Call Monitoring. Somewhat similar to the mediation job I had a few years ago, but there is much more training involved and I feel very grateful. I also started to work on my credit. It was completely trashed in the late 2000’s and figured it was time to change. I didn’t want to be stuck with high interest rates forever.

Currently – My lawsuit case settled from my car accident and I’m still over the moon. I was able to pay off my insanely high interest car loan and now each payday, I don’t feel like I’m tethered to my home. I can choose to leave and do what I want. I still stay home (ha, I’m a homebody)! My hard work with rebuilding my credit has paid off. Everything has been paid, most things will fall off this year, including some medical from my car accident. Also chopped off my hair, had 8″ cut off last week. Oh, and I’m car insurance shopping.

Happy Sunday.




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