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A Sudden Realization

that I haven’t written in over two years. Last week it hit me, and tried (and succeeded!) in restoring my WordPress account. Apparently, I had my old cell phone linked and couldn’t access it. Anyway, it’s all worked out now.

I’m not here to apologize for not writing, as if anyone really reads this. People close to me will understand why and those who aren’t well, it’s fine if you don’t.

Let’s do a little recap, shall we? (might need a tissue or two) Continue reading “A Sudden Realization”

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Sleepy, so sleepy

We’re back from our exciting & exhaustive trip to Wisconsin. It was so much fun playing pinball and some classic Atari games. Checking out computers that were around even before I was born – I thought would take up an entire room were only about the size of a full-sized desktop, tower included. Back then, who would ever thought that computers would be teeny tiny and be able to be portable and put in your pocket? It’s amazing how far we’ve come. I discovered I’m Continue reading “Sleepy, so sleepy”

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2012 is shaping up to be a GREAT year!

A few good things going on this year:

  • I’m signing up with insurance with work: with that I’m SO getting new glasses, my teeth worked on and going for regular check-ups at the Β Β  Β doctor. My glasses are twelve years old. I wore them my Senior year in HS.
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The Heat Is On

Summer is upon us.

Over the weekend, we did something we had yet to do together: haha… get your head out of the gutter… Yard-Sale-ing! Didn’t find anything of use, to us but Clint’s daughter kept calling me over and pointing at things “oohh thisss! we have to get this!” One item, a VHS tape of E.T. She, just like her father is obsessed with that alien. Unfortunately we don’t have a VCR, so I had to say no. Continue reading “The Heat Is On”

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It’s May.. already?

Okay, so I lapsed a little, but I’m am back! I actually caved and ventured to Weebly the other day, but quickly realized I was in well over my head. I thought it would be easier than ahem, wordpress.. but actually it isn’t. Not even in the slightest. I thought I did my homework and researched a lot before diving in. I read that they do free image hosting, and unlimited bandwidth as well as password protect entries/pages, etc. Only the premium perks are not free. That I didn’t find out until after I took the time to sign up. Yeah, thanks. Delete!

It has been a full month already and it’s only the 12th! Last weekend, Clint and I took an impromptu road trip with his mom down to Georgia where her brother lives, and was giving his older car to her. Indianapolis to his suburb: 9 hours, on a good day. It took us total 11 or so hours (besides stopping mid-trip at a motel and resting up a bit) of driving time, but we finally got there. We were so exhausted by it all that we didn’t stop and take any photos. Nor did we stay there that long. Once we arrived at Clint’s uncle’s house, we enjoyed the resting period and they were also having a cookout for friends so we just stayed put for a few hours. By nightfall, we were off again. This time, I drove Clint’s car and he drove his mom’s while she rode with him. Having no GPS to navigate, we relied on my handwritten directions I wrote down via Google Maps before we left home. We got lost in his town just trying to find the interstate – that was fun. Managed to find it and several exits go by and we see the exit we were supposed to hop on from. Haha, oh well. Approx 12 hours later, we were home. We were also awake for 24 hours so Clint collapsed on the bed, and I took a shower and slept for several hours.

It was somewhat bittersweet. My mom lives about 200 miles from Clint’s uncle, so I gave her a call while we were at his house. I really would have like to visit her, considering it’s been well over a year since the last time we saw each other but it was just bad timing. At least we know the way to her house now! πŸ™‚

Drinking a bit of iced coffee I fixed earlier – running out of options to drink. OK so we have water but blah – that gets boring! I better hop off here and get some cleaning done. Clint’s daughter will be over this weekend again and I don’t want to have to bother with cleaning/straightening up while she’s here.

Anticipate much more entries in the coming weeks. I’m done looking around for other blogging sites. I like it here, really.

BTW – anyone else hooked on TLC’s new show, Extreme Couponing? I am!

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11 Feb 11!

Visited Chicago late last month. AMAZING city, so many wonders and sights to see. Unforgettable. One thing I will never forget: the freezing temperatures. To others, that time of year to be traveling up north might have been silly, but believe me, my boyfriend and I needed that time away from Indianapolis, even if it was just for a few days.

We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel. An adventure in itself just finding parking, and walking the 6 ish blocks in 4 degree temps to get to the hotel. Hehe. Learned to pack lightly then. πŸ™‚ We saw loads of things, visited a few places we looked up online prior to visiting and made sure to eat a few eateries. Mmm. My favorite is the America’s Dog – hot dogs, yo! Incidently, next-door to our parking garage. Haha.

I caught a bad cold while up there, and was sick halfway through the trip. Probably due to: 1. Cold temps. 2. Lots and lots of food I hadn’t eaten before. Yep, that sums it up. A few weeks went by and started to feel better. And wouldn’t you know it, I’m sick again. But it’s much worse than before. I’d rather just be sneezing. Instead, horrible sore throat and coughing that doesn’t make anything feel better.

Will update this later. Must take some meds to ease my coughing; pack up for the weekend at my boyfriend’s house and rest for a bit.

G’night all.

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Three day weekend!

What a fantastic weekend. I don’t think I could ask for anything better, well maybe warmer temperatures. πŸ™‚

Thursday: I worked, boo. First I had to attend a mandatory three ish hour meeting for work super early in the morning (for me anyway) and had to return to work six hours later in the evening. Fun fun. Took a swing by the apartment, packed up for the weekend and headed over to my boyfriend’s house. πŸ™‚

Friday: Lunch at McAlister’s. Yummy stuff. I KNOW we did more than just lunch, but at the moment I can’t remember anything. I suck.

Saturday: Went out to the Indiana State Museum and walked through the Titanic Exhibit. Amazing! Unfortunately, there weren’t any cameras allowed, I wish I could have taken a few pictures. Once you get in line to be let into the exhibit, they give you a “ticket” with an actual passengers’ name typed up. On it, it lists which class the person is in as well as the reason why they’re traveling. Mine, I’m 3rd Class. Automatically, I assumed I had “died” and wouldn’t you know it, I had. 😦 Some back history here, ten or so years when the Titanic movie came out (the new one, btw) my younger sister and I were obsessed with the movie, characters, history. Everything. I still remember most of what she drilled into my brain. Haha, she means well. So I was sort of like an information beacon for my boyfriend whom didn’t know as much as me. It was amazing I remembered what I had. Following the exhibit, we watched the IMAX movie of Titanica. Eh. Very depressing, then again, Titanic isn’t a really upbeat sort of event. I wasn’t a fan of the narrator. I’m picky.

Shortly after, my boyfriend gave me a choice of where to go next. Rockville, IN or Nashville. Nashville we went! And so nice it was… I had forgotten the little shops close up early (6 to 6:30) but we managed to visit one place: Sweet Shoppe! I bought my pound of fudge. Maple Pecan & Chocolate Fudge. Dude. I’m SO making fudge or sweets of some sort this Christmas. I can’t wait. Yep. I’m one of those people. I know he really enjoyed our time there. Next time, we’re staying the weekend so we can walk around all the shops and take everything in. We also stepped into this other sweet shop where they had LOADS of different types of popcorn, as far as flavoring goes. Holy crap yo. Seriously. We’re so hitting up that place next time.

On the way home, we were driving along the interstate heading back to the city where the traffic ahead of us was slowing down. Thinking it was nothing, up ahead and to the left, we saw a vehicle engulfed in flames. My heart was racing and was fumbling for my phone, which I had turned off just moments prior to save battery life. Some part of me wanted to take a photo of it, but I suppose it was best I didn’t. I still have yet to hear about it, I really hope no one was hurt. Loads of police, emergency vehicles and things were surrounding it. 😦

After picking up some dinner (Pizza Hut Pizza Rolls! YUM!) we plopped ourselves on the floor and watched some Louie. Hilarious comedian. Check him out. Do it. Afterwards, we played a game of Monopoly, which I have to admit, was the third game for me that I have ever lost. Third. Out of many. It was pretty close, but I hate finishing up the game so soon into it. You know? Meh. I had fun, but I kicked his ass in Uno after that. Haha!

Sunday: I know we did things. But what they are.. my memory is failing me tonight. Plus I’m starting to wind down from my insanely highly caffeinated Starbucks Double Shot I had earlier at work.

The time change royally screwed me up as well. It feels much later than 11:41 pm. I’m ready to fall asleep. Perhaps I’ll remember the holes in this entry and fill them in when I wake up in the morning. If I’m lucky. If not, hope you enjoyed reading. πŸ™‚

Have a great Wednesday!