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Home – is anywhere when I’m with you

A very productive day, but not the way that I planned. A whole lot of kitchen stuff was unpacked and cabinets cleared out as well as some bedroom things. It’s nice to find a home for my stuff again. It’s been packed up well over a year now.

I’m looking for work and for those of you who haven’t sought work recently: it’s an adventure, to say the least. I’m trying to stay positive, though. Things will turn up, soon.

Aaron and I are settling in just fine here. At first, it was nice that I wouldn’t have to see the look of sadness in his eyes at the end of the weekend, when I used to leave to return home. We’re discovering more similarities about ourselves the longer we’re together. We revolve around routines – not a fan of change. It’s wonderful. And we have ice cream after dinner almost each night. How cool is that?

Home. It has a new meaning to me. No yelling, resentment, frustration – just calm + happy life.

Reason I’m writing tonight is because I saw this.  And that it’s been quite a while since I last wrote, and I felt bad. Though, it’s noted to write things out rather than typing, but have you seen my handwriting? No? Well, no one can read it (not even me) after a few minutes. Typing is better, yes?

While unpacking a few weeks ago, I did run across an old journal my Step-Mom gave me for either my birthday or Christmas in 2008 or 09? I had written only a few entries in it but I smiled and wondered why I was so stressed out and unhappy back then. I have a better outlook on life now. I wish I had this mindset for many years as it would have saved me a lot of grief.

And it’s going on midnight.. I better get some rest. Have a nice Wednesday, everyone.



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