Layoff – Day 10

For those desperate for work (like me) will apply for just about anything, even if that means selling a little of integrity in the process. However, as of 24 hours ago, I was offered a position at some probable respectable company, but after some researching I discovered it wasn’t the case at all: Sales @ 100% commission – that’s something I am trying to stay far away from. I have never worked in sales and plus with the zero base pay, no benefits – that wast the deciding factor. Also, I realized during the interview, I was never asked any traditional questions. He was in fact, selling me the position. Sigh. I’m not one to roll over and give up, but with job offers like that and the run-of-the-mill Insurance companies trying to make me an agent, I am ready to pull my hair out, literally.

Frustration doesn’t even cover what I’m feeling right now.

So I suppose all I can do is apply like mad to anything that comes my way and with some luck, I’ll land a good job. I would honestly love to take some college courses, but I cannot if I’m going to be on Unemployment, will have to wait until I have a job.

I haven’t slept or eaten properly since the lay off and it is taking a toll on everything, most of all, my motivation. I was really eager to look for a job early on but now, I just need a lot of coffee.

Off to job hunt I go! And get some lunch…

Happy Wednesday.


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