I’m telling people I turned 29…

Because 32 is just too dang old, in my opinion. ūüėČ

It was a good birthday today, in fact Рweekend. Managed to squeeze in 40 hours into four days and was able to take a three day weekend, and it was quite lovely. Stayed up too late and slept in too late Рsomething that never happens to me anymore, and boy did I pay for it each morning. Was it worth it? Yes. 

Life is going good. Purchased two new cd’s and Amazon delivered them before my birthday and naturally, I opened them up and listened to them constantly for a whole day. Xx & Bon Iver. Lovely bands, just great to listen to, all the time. Except when you’re craving Lady Gaga or STP. I have an assortment of music likes, yes.

This evening, getting back into my life of cooking: Baked chicken topped with a mixture of cream cheese, dill weed, parsley, parmesan, ¬†oregano, italian seasonings also some italian cheeses on top, with a side of cheesy broccoli. I haven’t been feeling well at all this week (and no, not from a hangover – I have been sober for months!) ¬†Hopefully after all that, I’ll start to feel like my normal bubbly self. We’ll have to see.

This sickness has to end at some point, right?



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