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Oh yeah.. I’m totally not ready for Christmas this year…

I have turned into a baking-researching-cookie fiend as of late. Getting all passionate and excited over the simplest recipes. Last Thursday at work, we celebrated Thanksgiving and I made some Chocolate Crinkle cookies. They were flavored with natural peppermint oil and had white chocolate morsels inside each one. I made approx 60 but the recipe called for 50. I made them smaller to ensure there was enough for everyone. Turned out, it was a hit! I was so hesitant that they wouldn’t turn out so well, or that  the peppermint would be overpowering. They were perfect. 🙂

This Thursday is Thanksgiving and I’ll be making these cookies again, but I’ll flavor them with cinnamon oil instead. Yum.

While at work yesterday, I started to think about Christmas past – of growing up and how ever so effortlessly my Mom put up decorations and we celebrated the holidays at our house, in style. I want that for our home. Granted, we are in an apartment and not in a house but I’m hoping it can still be a cheerful environment. Advent Calendar – is what revolved around our house in December. Though, it was a simple act, pulling out a snap-on decoration from the #/day and placing it onto the felt Christmas tree above the pockets below, it still made us smile and be hopeful to reach #24 – Christmas Eve where we could pick any one gift from under the tree to open. The rest would have to wait till Christmas morning. That anticipation, suspense, giddiness – it was almost intoxicating. I found all the supplies I need to make my own calendar, plus a coupon to use at the craft store. Awesome!

This year won’t be all about gifts though, that’s how it should be. I don’t want to be caught up with Black Friday shopping – I don’t really have the money anyway. I’m making gift baskets instead, with pretty ribbon. Freshly baked cookies too. I bought my cards to send out, addressed a few envelopes but that’s as far as I’ve gone. I’m having a four day weekend starting Thursday so I’ll have plenty of time then, right?

We’re picking up our Christmas Tree from Clint’s Mom, as she has an extra one. A six footer and it’s pre-lit. Woot! Will need to pick up a few ornaments or make some of our own. There’s that salty doughy stuff you can make on your own and bake it.. May end up doing that this year – a cheap way but it’s made with love. No idea where we’re going to put our tree, though. Ha!

I know. I’m sappy.

Time to get my cookie & dessert recipes in order… and pin ’em on Pinterest – I live on that site these days!

For all you USA folks out there, Happy Thanksgiving.. to everyone else: Have a lovely week!


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