I’ve been feeling rather old as of late.. I started to run a few weeks ago (eek, almost a month ago!) and afterwards, my back began to ache. I thought it was temporary, run of the mill type of pain and it would go away. It has gotten worse, and add the cold weather to the mix – ah hell. :/ It is most likely resulting from the car accident in July and my compounding back issues, but c’mon!

In light of all that, Clint started his new company and I’m very proud of him. A bit envious because he has it all figured out.. Me on the other hand, not so much and I’m sitting here wondering what I should do with my free time. Then it donned on me: cooking, d’oh! I’ve been cooking a lot lately and it has been wonderful. I moved over my food blog from Blogger (don’t call me a traitor.. I moved back, yo!) and you can find it here – soon I’ll have the links all done but wanted to at least get it out there. I’d so love to create my own website, but that’ll be down the road. I used to actually web design and I was rather good. I miss Photoshop CS and everything.. I cannot remember everything anymore, all the effects done to graphic design but I’m sure with practice I’ll be able to remember and re-create the same things again. One thing has changed during the last 6+ years since I was really into it: technology, like Flash. I never learned that. My highest advancement was CSS and some Java. Ha, I know, it’s funny now but really I loved CSS and creating my own code vs downloading someone else’s. I would never have learned how it worked if I just copy and pasted.

Halloween is upon us and the question herein lies am I ready? Hahaha noo! I did buy a pumpkin from Walmart today though, if that helps a little. Oooh and we do have a large candy bowl, ready to be filled with candies to hand out the little kiddies that Wednesday evening. I’m on the hunt for some cheap candy. Sorry, but trying to save money.. Can’t really make homemade stuff anymore to hand out to neighbor kids, plus in this new area I’m not sure how many kids are even here. Alexis will be a Vampire this year, but has a Victorian burgundy/black type dress. I love her dress. I miss being that age and can fit in just about anything with no trouble. She has it in her mind that she won’t be wearing a coat or a jacket. Like it’ll be 70 degrees that night. Ah man, I wish. I remember Halloween nights where we’d have to bundle up and somehow unzip our coats to reveal our outfits to the homeowners while saying “Trick or Treat!” then zipping them back up to run to the next house. Ah, those were the days. This will be the first Halloween that Clint will be off of work – since he’s now on day shift. Nice change of pace because I hate having him miss all the important moments in her life. OK so Halloween isn’t as important as say, her birthday or Christmas.. or something along those lines, but I know how it is when a parent is missing and you want them to be there.

Yeah so I just googled Healthy Halloween Candy. I’ve become one of those dreaded people that kids avoid like the plague and dread to visit.. only to receive or pick out ‘healthy’ options rather than the sweet/gooey/crunchy/sugar-filled treats. Hahaha.. oh if my Mom reads this post, I bet you she’d be cracking up by now. I was the most stubborn kid on the planet. I’d beg only for the sugariest things. Now, I can’t really handle all the sweet stuff. Funny how that works out. Oh, if you wanted to know what I found in my search, 3 Musketeer’s is your best bet, found here.

I better hop off here and get ready for bed.. meant to sleep an hour ago. Oops! Will post sometime this week. Be sure to check out my site yo!



One thought on “Halllowweeennnn

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