One Year Older!

It is going on midnight as I type this sentence out. Two minutes remain of my 31st birthday, and I am happy to report that it was a fun-filled day. Woke up rather late but that’s allowed, and it is a Saturday too. Clint and I drove to Red Robin for lunch – ate our weight in food, at least I did. He was smart about it and discovered his stopping point. I’m still not hungry and that’s the only thing I ate today. Besides cake, of course. Then we hopped back into the car and drove downtown Indianapolis where we went to Circle Centre Mall and straight to Godiva – for a shake. OH SO GOOD. Wandered around the mall and two floors, visited several shops and bought a few clothes. Trendy but also comfy and practical. Very important. 😉 Afterwards, picked up Alexis and drove to Marshall’s where I found the most adorable pullover sweater/hoodie with drawstrings and a front pocket. Bonus! Couldn’t find pants that weren’t in the skinny section (sad to admit I’m no longer skinny *cries*) but made the most of it. Of course, stopped by Starbuck’s to redeem my Birthday Coupon for a free drink. Yum. Came home, chilled for a bit while Clint & Alexis disappeared to come back home and surprise me with a birthday cake. Aweee. 🙂 Afterwards, we walked about 2.5 miles behind our complex and on the way back the sun had already set therefore, dark and spooky environment set in. Plus, Clint’s creepy music on his iPhone didn’t help me much. Alexis was giggling that I was scared, and not her.

A lot has happened since the last time I wrote… the accident, of course but I don’t want to dwell on the bad things. Some great things:

We finally moved! Late last month we moved out of the crummy apt into this lovely hotel-like type place. It looks like a real home inside and we’re not longer ashamed of having people over. Just need to visit IKEA sometime soon so we can get some furniture for our bedroom and other goodies to make this place really feel like home. It’s also on the ground floor. Bonus!\

My car arrived back home, as well. Late July but it wasn’t till early August when I got it registered with the BMV and could legally drive it. I love driving that car, but still a bit hesitant on the interstate.

I’m not crazy. Officially. Had my last doctor appt. the other day – a follow up from the accident and was given a clean bill of health. Yay! It was a Neurology appt, due to the Post Concussion Syndrome I was diagnosed with in July, it was more of a general appointment, to make sure there wasn’t any issues still going on. They said I’ll still have headaches and neck pain, but should dissipate in a few weeks to a month or so. Some people still have pain up to a year after an accident/injury but that’s based on more of a severe injury. Mine was rather light, thankfully.

Ah, time for bed.. lots of things to do tomorrow, like cleaning and laundry. Fun!

Have a good night everyone. 🙂


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