Heat Wave 2012!

June flown by and July is here, and the awful heat wave is finally going away, for now. I haven’t had much energy – therefore no exercising has gone on, but that’s about to change. I’m starting to eat better (less junk) and cut out the caffeine, well the sodas anyway. My workload has picked up a bit too, but it’s a good thing. Been fully transferred to my new department as of three weeks ago and it is wonderful. In other good news: we may have found a new place to live. Its not a town home that we wanted, but turns out that the T.H. wasn’t in such of a good area after all, especially at night. Soo… we found a better place. As far as the drive to work, it’s in the dead center of mine and Clint’s work, so that’s great news. We applied on Friday and today they were to run everything but we have yet to hear anything yet that’s for sure. My employment verification went through just fine, and Clint’s was being processed but the leasing company was waiting on our apartments’ leasing office and they’re notorious of dropping the ball so I’m hoping they send back whatever is needed ASAP. I hate this type of suspense.

July 4th was great – I had the entire day off, but unfortunately Clint didn’t. :/ I spent the late afternoon and evening with Alexis, Kelly (her aunt) and Robbie (cousin). It was a lot of fun but with the area wide fire ban, it was difficult explaining to Alexis that we can’t buy any fireworks and set them off, anywhere due to the drought. The grass everywhere is brown and dry, very painful to walk with no shoes on. I’m glad Kelly and I thought ahead and brought some blankets to sit/chill on to watch the fireworks, otherwise we’d be very uncomfortable. She lives very close to a city park and I have never seen so many people there before. We left her house around eight (show didn’t start until 10) since it was so hot out. 101 from 105. Once the sun set around 9:20 it was bearable but still very hot. The poor kids wanted to escape the house and run to the park but we simply didn’t want to be in the heat for that long. Was nice to have so many police officers to block off the traffic for people to cross the streets too. Last year, had to run to beat the traffic – yeah, not the best idea, I know. The show itself lasted about 25 minutes, much longer than last year but that’s totally fine with me. 🙂 I know the kids loved it, and it was nice to be outside. I didn’t get much sleep the next morning before work – but we all had fun.

I did take photos but the camera phone I have, had a weird setting where it delayed the capture by a half second so all the stills came out blank. Lots of videos though, but no way of posting them here  until I upgrade – which won’t happen for awhile. Until then, I’ll keep them on my phone.

Going on 8 but I’m super sleepy, I got about four hours of sleep this morning. Just a long and draining weekend. I managed to do a crap ton of work today despite being exhausted. Since I did more work than required, the rest of the week should be a breeze. Yeah, I say that now. 🙂

I got distracted again. I couldn’t avoid the Google Chrome advertisements any longer – I use it at work but only now discovered apps. I’m a bit behind the times.

I’d love to say that I’ll write as much as I can but I’m terrible at keeping promises – OK no, I’m fine but writing – I get serious writers block. :/

Anywayyyy… see ya on the flip side.


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