Selfishness + Forgiveness

I know…. I so know that I’ve been so bad at not writing as much as I used to, or promised myself but things have to change. I need to keep up on it, it used to be my release of stress and now I’m a big ball of unreleased stress.. This weekend was an eye opener of sorts. Without getting in the details: I basically suck. Been a terrible friend; sister; daughter; co-worker; girlfriend. I let all my frustrations on those who I care about instead of working it through and dealing with it like a normal adult.

I’m sorry. I truly am. Now, I know most of those who I hurt either directly or indirectly won’t even see this post or even know I have an online journal/blog, but I’m not writing it for them, more-so myself. If they see it, awesome. If not, no big deal. At least I’ve forgiven myself, and thats all what matters, right?

In other news, our Townhome Hunt has hit a dead end. There are plenty of townhomes in our area, but not quality ones for our budget or in safe areas. It’s hit or miss. We found one we *love* but it isn’t available right now. I’m going to call every week to see the status of it.

Getting much later than I thought – 10:25 – should have gone to bed an hour ago. Whoops. At least I got breakfast ready to go: Green and Red Bell Peppers with Cubed Ham pieces in Omelets; toast with grape jelly; juice/or iced coffee. Mmm.

Will post again tomorrow evening, but not so late. G’night!


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