Nerd Alert

I’ve used the Open Office spreadsheet to its extent as of yesterday evening as I learned how to insert Bar Graphs and Pies. I managed to export my entire checking account activity since February onto a spreadsheet, categorize items and break it down per month to see how much exactly I spend. Holy crap yo. Realized we need to drop AT&T Uverse down to the lower package – as we barely watch it during the week. There are only a handful of channels I watch on a semi-regular basis but unfortunately they’re on the current package. Paying total of approx $170/mo for internetz and TV is just insanity. We do use the internetz on a daily basis – so we’re definitely keeping that. Food. Huge expense. For just the two of us during the month (and Alexis when she spends the weekends) I spend about $400/mo on groceries alone, not counting out-to-eat stuff that Clint usually pays for or when I sometimes pick up the tab. Of the last grocery trip, I managed to clip two coupons, could only use one. The other, Walmart didn’t carry enough choices and though the coupon would have saved me $2, I couldn’t justify spending $5.99 on sunblock when Equate’s version was $4.99 for a bigger bottle.

I need to find a better way of saving money. I’m not one of those who go overboard with coupon cutting. We don’t have space to hoard groceries/non-food so just weekly shopping has to be done. I also prefer to shop when it is no one in the store rather empty. By the time I wake up on Saturday morning, I do sleep in, sorry I’m human.. it’s nearly ten and I know Wal-Mart starts to get packed around that time. I also need to eat something. Have you ever gone food shopping while hungry or thirsty? It’s not a great idea. I also have very little patience when I’m starving and in a crowded place with no end in sight. Night shopping is wonderful, but you have to be aware of the stock people with their pallets blocking the aisles. I suppose the best time to shop would be at six in the morning, I get up at five for work, so it’s not a huge deal. Plus, afterwards I can go home and cook a real breakfast for the two sleepyheads and start on laundry that I put off all week.

Arby’s – I may not eat there ever again. Late Sunday evening, we drove there for a second dinner – the first was a bit light and a few hours prior. We ordered three sandwiches, two Jr Roast Beef and one regular Roast Beef with Arby’s sauce. Got home, discovered they forgot the sauce. Upon lifting the buns, discovered not only the sandwiches were the same size but the meat was discolored: pink and brown. OK.. so real roast beef I know is pink, but at Arby’s for whatever reason is and always has been brown. I still ate one of mine, Clint ate his. Next morning, we were so sick. I managed to shower, get ready for work.. lasted almost two hours when I got sick. My manager told me to go home and feel better. Clint took Monday off as well. We’ve been feeling really under the weather even today. I have no appetite but I know I need to eat. I drank mostly water at work – the headaches that normally pop out during lunch stayed at bay so that was a bit change of pace.

I haven’t ran since last week and I feel like crap for it. I really don’t have much energy even to clean. The other night I fixed myself a rather large dinner: cous cous, brocolli cuts and battered fish. I ate the last of it an hour ago. I made some cookies last night but they came out more like puffy muffins, not sure what happened. It wasn’t from scratch: a box of Jiffy Chocolate Chip Cookie mix. Thought $.67 was a better alternative than buying a roll of refrigerated dough.

Been a bit OCD with Pinterest lately and I’m not sure why. It’s either that or playing around with Open Office is the two things I use on my new laptop. Rather sad, if you think about it. I have a much faster computer and all I spend my free time on is a social-bulletin board & spreadsheets. :/

In an attempt to be more productive, I just ran some water for the dishes to soak for a few before I head in there again to wash them. What an exciting life I lead, eh? 😉 I hope we get out of this funk soon, no fun being sick. Listening to some calming Smashing Pumpkins – Eva Adore album. A few hours ago, I painted my nails this color. In efforts of bringing my spirits up and incidentally, the same color (almost) of what Clint’s car will be, once he gets it repainted. 🙂

OK time to post this and get my chores done. Have a lovely night.


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