C25K – W1D2 – Done!

And boy do my legs hurt.. I’m walking around the apartment as if I were a duck, taking baby steps as taking full strides are just too painful.

I never thought, at at 15 years old that my 30 year old body would be so out of shape that jogging/walking for 20 minutes would nearly put me under, but it has. My sister and I were sprinting the other kids in our neighborhood as if it were nothing. We’d rather run around outside after school instead of inside watching TV. I’ve become the opposite. Yesterday, Alexis wanted to go bike riding with us. We’d have to dig them out of the storage/office first and carry them down three flights of stairs, and air up the tires before we could take off. That didn’t sound appealing. At. All. Instead, we drove to Walmart and picked up some fun equipment: Basketball; Badminton set (for kiddies); Kite; Big kickball; Soccer ball. We got to the park and the first thing Alexis wanted to do was fly the kite – only the wind was rather low so we tried to make the best of it. Clint and I kicked the soccer ball back and forth in the huge field. I got so worn out, too easily. I blame my shoes. They’re made for running/walking not kicking soccer balls! That’s my excuse. 🙂

Proof I was at the park!

Earlier in the day, we had gone to a different park and my intention was to just leisurely walk on a shaded sidewalk (as the temp was gradually getting warmer) but it turned out to be Who Can Run The Longest. I of course, lost. Alexis and her so-much-energy-she-could-explode, won.  It was a lot of fun.. but soon realized I was wearing the wrong clothes. Tight-fitting shirt and my jeans that were once loose fitting, now not so much. I really need to get new running clothes. Something that fits and is comfortable. I do have an old pair of running shorts – great pair only they’re really small. I can barely get my jeans on – the only ones. They appear to be ‘skinny jeans’ when I have them on, but they were once loose-fitting boot cut. I’m sad. PLUS I tore my belt. Yep, TORE! It’s splitting in the center and again, my only one. I have a hard time of letting things go, clothes including. I think my belt needs a replacement, eh?

Probably canceling out all the progress I’ve made but all I’ve had to eat today: Pizza. OK give me some credit, it was the white cheesy one from California Kitchen. No pizza sauce there. 🙂 And… a Dorito sandwich. Okay, that just makes all the progress go downhill. This week will be better.

I hope.

I had virtually no appetite last week, probably due to dealing with the fruit flies – which are now GONE AND DEAD FOREVER. My hands are still pretty raw from the bleach – and probably not drinking enough water. :/ The Apple Cider Vinegar odor is pretty much gone from the kitchen – though I still have two traps, just in case. I removed the one from the bathroom today while cleaning. Now, just smells like raspberries. 🙂

I get paid Friday. These bi-weekly paychecks are killing me. Yeah, I guess it is nice to feel like I’m getting paid double vs weekly but c’mon. I had a terrible experience with T-Mobile recently which is making me reconsider going elsewhere when my contract runs out in September. What happened was that I tried to make a split payment – normally isn’t a big deal at all if you pay a partial payment then the rest within a reasonable amount of time. Thing is, if beyond 10 days out, they HAVE to transfer you to Financial Services or whatever it’s called. When I called initially, the agent (Regular customer care/service) said he can do the arrangement as he’s trained. Awesome, I thought. So I gave authorization to pay only a partial amount and agreed to the terms/conditions like normal. After the phone call, received the usual text message giving me the confirmation of my payment. Only this time, they charged the ENTIRE AMOUNT. I now have nothing to live off until payday.

Long story short, I wanted to obviously kill the agent who unauthorized the charge but really, all my bank could do is return the money within ten business days, after my payday. Which made it moot. I learned my lesson. After few choice words with some agents at T-Mobile… Always ask for Financial Services. Always.

The last time they did that, back in 2007, T-Mobile double charged my account, then acted like “Oh well we’ll just use that double payment to the next month’s usage.” It overdrafted my account. My lovely bank forced them to return it and refunded my NSF fees immediately since it wasn’t my fault, it was TM’s. My bank then suggested me to go with another carrier. I couldn’t afford anyone else’s security deposits at the time, so I stuck with TM.

Now, after paying way too much for my phone, I really just want either a monthly plan or even the iPhone.. Clint loves his. 🙂  I just out of TM’s hands, seriously.

We slept for a long…long time this weekend – I need to get to bed and figure out what I’m wearing for work.

Have a lovely night. 🙂


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