Long weekend doing things I didn’t want to do

Our front room and kitchen has only the faint smell of bug killer spray, but just 24 hours ago, we had dozens of fruit flies zooming all around, only to irritate us beyond belief. After some researching online, we discovered the source of them: behind our kitchen sink. The paneling is cracked due to the age of the counter and the water seeping into it from the faucet. (We live in a rather old building and it was cracked when we moved in, just over a year ago). Since I’m unable to scrub the area, I sprayed a mixture of water and bleach onto it, let it sit and wiped it off with some paper towel. Rather nasty – and I don’t have any rubber gloves so my hands were getting dry due to the bleach. I then draped folded bleach-soaked paper towels along the back of the sink. There is only an inch wide space and probably 2 feet long along the sink. Whoever lived here before us, had the genius idea of instead cleaning the counter top, they painted it. Painted. I’m unable to scrub the counters or bits of paint will come up. There’s a patch of bright white underneath the current off-white counter color. Really nice.

There were many things I wanted to do this weekend but had no time as the bugs got in the way. Naturally, I was overly frustrated with it all. Today/tonight I just basically gave up in hopes I would straighten up this place a little before the week started.

Sunday is Mother’s Day. I feel a bit bad because I haven’t been keeping up with the holidays as much as I should be. My family (besides my dad whom I don’t talk to) lives out of state and so it’s hard to keep on top of things. I’d love to just drive and visit my Mom and Granny & cousins this summer – I hope I can at least do that. It’s about an 11.5 hour drive, one way. OK that may seem like a lot, but in May of last year, Clint, his mom and I drove down to Georgia to pick up a car that her brother gave her. She’s a bit scared of driving on the interstate, and Clint & I love it so we decided to have her come along. She kept asking if we really need to take the interstate, as its such a big road. We just quietly laughed… Imagine just taking small roads from Indianapolis to just outside Atlanta, GA. Yeah, that would take a week. We had to fit it in 2 days. We didn’t have much of a heads-up either. I remember Clint mentioning it earlier in the week saying that sometime he’d love to just drive to GA and back in one weekend.. nothing came of it until a Friday afternoon (or Saturday? I don’t remember which) and his mom called and said that tonight would be great to do it. On being up since that morning, we quickly packed our bags, got some energy drinks and picked up his mom and drove off. I think it was only a 10 hour drive one way, but it seemed much longer. Way longer. We ended up staying the night at a hotel in TN which was on the time zone line. Early the next morning, we set out again. Within a few hours we reached our destination: Clint’s Uncle’s house. He didn’t expect us at all, but welcomed us none-the-less. 🙂

All in all it was a fun trip, but exhausting. I really want to visit again – but make sure my car (which is in the shop again) works 100%. The AC doesn’t work currently, but hopefully that’ll get sorted out soon.

I’m wiped out and should’ve gone to bed nearly an hour ago.

Will write again soon.


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