I feel like I’m living in a tunnel-vision type world, again. At home isn’t as bad but once I step into the grocery store or work, I seem to be invisible. I talk only to a few people at work now – gave up trying to be friends with people who’d rather gossip than be honest.

I’m not a fan of change, either. I fear it, almost. Funny, since I’ve lived in five other states, joined the USAF, been married & divorced, moved across the country – 900 miles from the nearest relative… yeah. I don’t like change.

This entry is rather bland. I keep typing up big paragraphs that end up being run-on sentences and I delete them. I had/have a migraine that hit mid-morning and I’ve taken Tylenol with no relief.

I’ve lost my energy/motivation for everything. All I want to do is shut down my laptop and read my book.

Time for some PM meds then I’ve got to try and sleep. Hope this week ends on a good note.


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