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It’s here!

You must forgive me for not writing as much as this time last month. Much has transpired in this short time.

Well, I have my new car here, it’s resting in the apartment parking lot after a long trip/haul here from Pennsylvania. Though I am quite happy it is here – its rather bittersweet. It arrived yesterday by our friend who has been working on it, with many other cars these last six months. I’m thrilled it is here – my Camry is gone. I traded it for the SVX. No more exhaust consuming my lungs anymore. Thing is, I refuse to drive it. After our friend left, Clint and I drove it around (we did test it out, but just around the complex – nothing major) further from the apartment and revved up the engine to 35 mph. At around that speed, there is a scary grinding noise and I held onto the seat for dear life. Thinking it was going to crash into something. After further investigation, Clint is thinking it is either the transmission (which was replaced) or the differential. I don’t know the difference between the two – but I do know what transmission fluid looks and smells like – if that helps. The guy is returning Tuesday to take a look at it and hauling it back to PA to repair it. Among the issues, the radiator is cracked. :/

Besides the negatives.. it is really nice inside. Leather seats; sun roof; power everything. Hell, even the factory radio & CD player still work! The engine is silent as well. It scared me when I start it because I’m used to my Camry – loud all the time, especially upon start up. Sounds like a lawn mower backfiring due to the exhaust/muffler problem. The SVX though – I can’t tell when it starts up. It barely has a vibration. I called my insurance last night to switch out the camry with the svx – so now my car is covered.

I decided against the Macbook and want just something to hold me over and work until I pay off my debt (which might be close to 2 years – *sad face*) I wanted to link it but it seems Best Buy’s site is down for maintenance. So instead, I’ll link it to HP’s site.


I’m a bit down/depressed because of the car stuff. Clint & I didn’t sleep very well this weekend or eat very much so now all I want to do is munch on some cookies I baked earlier and try to relax a little before I have to go to work in the morning.

Happy Easter everyone.


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