Sleepy, so sleepy

We’re back from our exciting & exhaustive trip to Wisconsin. It was so much fun playing pinball and some classic Atari games. Checking out computers that were around even before I was born – I thought would take up an entire room were only about the size of a full-sized desktop, tower included. Back then, who would ever thought that computers would be teeny tiny and be able to be portable and put in your pocket? It’s amazing how far we’ve come. I discovered I’m rather bad a pinball but I tried to have fun with it. Clint and I found an arcade that was two players. Ninja Fight or something. I was able to choose a character, a female of course. The first round Clint kicked my ass. The second and third I kicked his. Woot! He walked away after that. I was so proud of myself. 🙂

We ate our weight in food. Some was good/meh and some others were AMAZING OMG. Charcoal Grill – for any of you who know of it or have been there before, freaking awesome food. We were on the interstate heading up to Milwakee to the hotel when we saw the billboard advertisement for Charcoal Grill in Chicago or just outside of it. It seemed like a nice place, but didn’t even think of it again till the next day when we were wondering where to go for lunch. Clint looked it up on his handy-dandy iPhone (I of course had my phone too, but was working extremely slow – yay T-mobile!) and discovered that there was one just 5 or so miles from the hotel. Score! After some getting lost-ness, we found it and walked up to the restaurant portion (down below was the banquet entrance) and saw that the entrance grounds were landscaped as if you were in someone’s backyard or a natural zoo. It looked peaceful. Hanging from the building were wooden bird feeders, the sidewalk winded around trees and there was no grass, rather course vegetation surrounding the tree trunks. This was the afternoon, but I’m sure it looked absolutely peaceful at night – more so in the summer. Another place we ate at was  Ovation.

This was the view from our table, thankful the hostess put us there vs away from the window. It was so great that night. A bit chilly, but no rain.


I originally wrote this Monday evening after work – and since then I recovered from a sickness going around work and tonight I cleaned up the apt to the point of exhaustion. :/ For dinner I made *real* mashed potatoes, green beans and minestrone soup. Sounded great at first but realized after I folded up the laundry and put it away that there was no meat. So, I saved what I fixed for myself and munching on some crackers now with a cup of chocolate milk. I have had a severe headache nearly all day – took some pain w/PM meds a bit ago and now I’m just waiting for it to kick in.

Tomorrow is Friday and I cannot wait for the weekend – finally can sit and relax. I may be getting my car, too. We’ll see.

Thought I’d write to let you know we made it back home from the trip. Now it’s time for bed.
G’night all.


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