Back To the Future


OMG I totally forgot I couldn’t directly link images from Angelfire to well, anywhere. I realized this mistake this morning when I checked this blog via my phone but was unable to remedy anything till I got home. Now Angelfire refuses to let me save my own images to my computer so I can upload them. :/

It is tornado season here in the Ohio Valley.

I’m afraid of tornadoes, tornado sirens, thunder and severe weather. Lightning I can handle as long as it doesn’t strike me. It is Severe Weather Awareness Week and today the city sounded the sirens as a test twice, both caught me off guard. I didn’t know that it’d be tested – as that happens always at 11 AM Fridays. The first one went off at 10:45 while I was at work. I jumped in my chair and my co-workers laughed. I tried to laugh it off, but instead went into the restroom to splash some water on my face to try to calm down. Returned to my desk and just focused on work, nothing else. I didn’t used to be like this when I was growing up. I remember sitting on the patio chairs on the screened in front porch with my sister mesmerized by the rain slapping against the screen, while the trees in the woods swayed in the strong winds, the sky dark with clouds and loud thunder clapping nearby. It was calming to me, then.

Just typed up an entire/long paragraph about my depressing past but decided against it. I’m trying to be positive, and if this blog is my outlet for that, I can’t hinder it by being negative. 🙂

All I can say is that my hands hurt from typing all day. Ten Key is so much fun! I seriously doubt that my boss would go for this, but in a few weeks I’ll get the courage to ask if I can listen to my music via my Nano while working. I’ll keep it on low so I can still hear people if they need to ask me something, but having to be forced to listen to Gospel, Country, Soft Rock is slowly killing me. And putting me to sleep. I don’t ever talk on the phone – it is super rare.

I did mention to my co-worker about using a handy-dandy version of Notepad it’s called EditPad Lite as it keeps multiple files as tabs within the program instead of having a bunch of windows like Notepad. She just blankly stared at me. At this moment I realized I can no longer discuss computers or anything technology related to her. Ever. She owns an iPhone yet offers nothing in the technology field. Waste! I use it to code – when I did code, that is. OMG it is so much better than Notepad.. seriously! You can change the background color within it as you type, so each entry before I add it to WordPress, I type it via EditPad with black background and white text. Easier to see when I’m not wearing my glasses. I would love to get back into HTML design but HTML is rather ancient these days with Java + Flash + whatever else is out there. My favorite was CSS and image mapping and and… oh, I just miss it all. I would gladly post one of my old sites on here to “show off” my talents as of 10 years ago, but I’ve updated the only old site I know of in ’06 and pretty much wiped it all off. It’s still “alive” but dead internet wise. Some really horrible old photos of me on there, too.

Scratch that. Just logged into my old… OLD account. I might post a pic or two on here…

Kramer! My mom named him off the guy from Seinfield. I loved that dog.

Okay, enough with the past… bring on the future, yo!
Time for me to go to bed. G’night all.


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