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Pretend Time @ Work & Food Ideas

I tried something new at work: I faked being happy – and it seemed to do the trick. My boss and co-workers noticed the change and asked if I got my car already and if they can check it out. I told them I’ll get it this weekend, but I’m just happy. In all honesty, I was 95% sure I was going to call in sick because I wasn’t feeling good at all. But I knew I should at least make an effort in showing up and make an attempt in staying as long as possible. I worked at an even pace and managed to get everything done (mostly) but my boss assigned a task to me that took nearly an hour. She said I can put off my normal duties for tomorrow. Whew.

While reviewing a few documents, out of the corner of my eye I noticed someone walk past me whom I didn’t recognize. I turned my head to see who it was and a young boy tapped my shoulder and asked “Miss, if you’re not busy, would you like to buy a box of candy or two? Half of the proceeds go towards my class for our white water rafting trip this summer.” I might have honestly considered it, but I didn’t have any money on me and I apologized. He said he accepts checks. Awe poor kid. I did feel bad as I just had my debit card. He made a killing though, within the office.

[Cute, yes – but our doors/company explicitly says “No Soliciting Allowed.” My boyfriends’ daughter is selling stuff for school, I asked yesterday if I could bring the paper in for her to earn points/$ for a limo ride to a pizza place but I was told a flat out “no.”]

I don’t mean to be talking about work so much – honestly, but there is something worth noting: I do work with smart people and not so smart people. I won’t name names but someone did say that the world is going to end not in December of this year, rather in August and they seemed rather adamant about it. Said that the Mayan calendar was interpreted incorrectly and therefore in August sometime the world will end. She said this matter-of-factly. I’m thinking, then why worry about life/money/drama troubles if the world will end? Since, obviously there is nothing we can do to avoid it – let’s just make the most of it. Quit our jobs and chill out. She didn’t see the sarcasm in this. I tried.

The world is not going to end in 2012. 2013 on the other hand…

It gets better.

Someone else said that the warm streak of weather is caused by the earthquake that hit Japan a year ago, that it knocked the Earth of its axis – enough to change the weather patterns. I had to chime in because though the axis changed ever so slightly, that is not the cause of the warmer than usual weather, rather a natural/normal occurrence but people want to sensationalize everything.

On a totally random note, I want to make this!

I suppose it’s not that random for me, since I love baking… only now I’ll have to get another box of cake mix and more food colors and and… icing. I’ll post pictures – that is when I get around to doing this. We’re going on a trip this weekend so I won’t need to buy so much at the store, except for the next week.

I’m eating dinner – rather late but I’m happy I’m able to eat w/o feeling nauseous. Made a sausage + cheese omelet. Tons of protein that’ll help me stay alert enough to post this entry without sounding like a rambling idiot. Speaking of food, FoodGawker is becoming one of the sites I check out daily besides Facebook, Gmail and WordPress. Food is amazing but when you check out the images of the food.. even better! I love looking through cookbooks but get discouraged when there aren’t images for the recipes. This site is different. Each dish has a photo. Though, their presentation is/will always be better than mine, at least I can get the taste down. šŸ™‚ For Easter this year, I think I can make this.

Looks easy enough. OMG! Easter Jello! I just hope our fridge will be cooperative and stay level or it won’t turn out very well. Possibly for Easter or whenever I’m craving my type of pizza, I’ll be making this. Looks super tasty!

OK enough about food – I’ve got to get to bed pretty soon. Need to stop sleeping 6 or so hours each night.

Open Question Time!
I’m getting a lot of spam comments – much more than usual. Is that normal? At first I was thrilled to discover I had comments but realized they were only spam and that made me sad.

PS: Sorry if this post made you hungry. Go eat!


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