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2012 is shaping up to be a GREAT year!

A few good things going on this year:

  • I’m signing up with insurance with work: with that I’m SO getting new glasses, my teeth worked on and going for regular check-ups at the     doctor. My glasses are twelve years old. I wore them my Senior year in HS.
  • Getting a reliable car so I can trust it’ll get me from point A and B and maybe C and D not worrying about if it’ll die on me halfway there. And it’ll look cool!
  • Moving into a more respectable apartment community on a nicer side of town, closer to work. They have a playground Alexis can play on that I don’t have to worry that she’ll fall and break her arm and a trail I can run/walk on. Be one with nature. The apartment also has updated appliances and gas stoves so I can finally cook food more evenly and thoroughly.

What does that spell? Wisconsin Road Trip!!! Next Friday I’m leaving work early to head home and then we’re off to the 5 hour drive to the Midwest Gaming Classic. It’ll be my first time but Clint has been there before. It’s held at the hotel, and I heard they have amazing Pizza & Beer. Not a huge fan of beer but I’ll try it anyway. And pizza? Yay! Will post pictures, lots of them!

My car will be delivered that weekend as well, not quite this weekend but that’s OK – thankful it’ll be here soon. The weather is warming up like crazy here and my car A/C doesn’t work. Driving home today in the heat was a blast. 🙂

We also found a new apartment. Town home, to be exact. Clint found it last week while I was working and I visited the website the other night. AMAZING holy crap yo! Two floors, real-sized bedrooms not 12×10 mess like our current place.. 2 and a half bathrooms! Now no one has to hold it. Ever. Washer and Dryers in each unit. This is music to my ears. Seriously. I *love* doing laundry… but since we live on the 3rd floor, dragging laundry up/down isn’t so much fun. That place will be great.. I can save quarters! Our lease is up in August – and I do hope they’ll be available then or we could put down a deposit in July-ish and have it held until we move in – not sure if that’s possible. Great thing is, besides all I’ve mentioned, it is only 8 minutes from my work! It’s a bit for Clint’s though. 😦 The kitchen – actually has REAL counter space. Dude. I am ohsohappy about this place. I’ll be happy about inviting family/friends over as it is a real home, not a crummy apt. Not to put down apartments, but if you saw our current place (I try to keep it clean), you’d understand. I have yet to see the town home but I do hope to check it out soon.

My hours at work have changed and so I’m now an early riser, therefore I should be getting to bed.. oh, about an hour ago. :p

Happy Tuesday Night


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