Smartphones aren’t so smart afterall

Society says that it isn’t good etiquette to discuss politics, religion, sports (ha, – that can be a testy subject sometimes) in the workplace, but what do you do… when someone you work closely with and the majority of the office knows them to be a bit “off/brown-noser type” has an outlandish comment/opinion regarding politics and with their loud voice and a comment only for you to hear says “I think Obama is doing a great job for our country and our economy.”
What do you do or say? Nothing? Bite your lip and hope that something pressing jumps in the inbox to tackle? Or notice the time and declare your lunch? Or talk?
I asked “Why do you think that?”
This person didn’t know what to say.
The other day, I don’t honestly remember the original topic (not saying we talk all day – though our desks are next to each other – THANKFULLY there is a partition separating us) but she was talking to our boss and mentioned religion. Or, Heaven, Afterlife, etc. This person swears like no one I have ever met (I don’t swear – not at work anyway) yet claims to be a devout Christian. Holy COW. More like a devout contradiction. She asked me if I’ve accepted Jesus Christ. I probably looked like a deer in headlights because I don’t usually expect that question unless:
I’m at church, which rarely happens – except for funerals or weddings
Around my dad who is a born-again-Christian – I’m never around him though.
Neither of which consists of work. I told her “I’m not going to discuss religion in the workplace.”
Normally, this would cease all discussion – to normal people, but not her.
“Why not? Are you not a Christian?”
*face palm*
I should have told her I’m an alien, from Pluto. Instead I repeated that I wasn’t going to discuss religion in the workplace.
I think it’s illegal too, right? To judge others of whatever religion or lack there of – while working? Ah-ha,
yes it is!
I have a smartphone. OK that’s sortof a contradiction compared Clint’s awesome-awesome iPhone but mine is an Android and the contract will be up for it later on this year… anyway, for texting it has Swype option. This is normally easier than typing each letter to make a word. I was texting my friend who also has swype on her phone and we both have issues. It likes to put in the wrong word as you’re typing and you don’t realize it until you’ve sent the message. Not a big deal, right? Wrong. I texted. “I hate swype too.” OK but when originally I was typing it, my phone suggested syphilis. I was LOL’ing all over the place. And typed “hahaha – my phone gave me syphilis!!” After I explained it, we were both laughing.
It’s been a rather draining day, so going to finish up the dishes and close the windows. Since Clint left for work, I opened them up to bring in the warm air in. With that, the bugs came in too somehow despite the screened windows.
Alrighty – been nursing this glass of wine since oh, 8 (so 2.5 hrs) – filled it up with ice so now it’s all watered down but easier to drink. Sleepy now.
Happy Sunday Night


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