I was productive earlier, now not so much

It no longer smells like Transmission Fluid + Bleach + Kaboom in our apartment. I probably inhaled more than I should have but at least now the tub is all clean. Clint was changing out the filter to one of his cars yesterday and needed a sink to wash out the pan. The tub was sacrificed. I didn’t realize how dark/sticky/strong the fluid was. Then when you add teeny-tiny metal shavings into the mix – let’s just say that cleaning the tub took about two hours to do. When we went to dinner last night, all I tasted was bleach. Now, when I was cleaning I wore rubber gloves (the ones I used for washing dishes with) and Clint gave me a mask for my nose and mouth. My knees are so sore from standing on them in order to clean and my neck kills.

I no longer taste/smell bleach – I threw everything I used to clean, away. Outside. I sprayed Glade in the bathroom and in the kitchen. For whatever reason, the kitchen likes to retain any/all smells.

I’ve already taken a nap today but I’m tired again. I may hop in the shower to feel better and rest a little bit. I work at 11 tomorrow morning. Not really looking forward to it.

I’ll update more later.


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