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No room for drama here

Drinking and eating dessert. Great idea, thank you.

It is the last alcoholic drink in the fridge. We don’t drink beer – this is a Bartle & James strawberry daiquiri left over from New Years. I poured it into a cup full of ice. The ice is mostly melted – and I fixed this about 2 hours ago when I was making dinner. The dinner was actually healthy: garlic/battered baked fish; corn (super buttery); creamy garlic rice. OK maybe not super healthy, but it is better than White Castle, right?

I had another off day again. I had a really hard time staying awake/focused at work. The moments I snacked on my trail mix, was when I was eating and someone stopped by to ask me something. This usually happens when someone higher up like… the company manager.. or the CEO! The CEO laughs at me though, says I eat all the time but don’t gain anything. Little does he know… šŸ˜‰

Our department manager returned from a company trip this morning. She was in Florida the last two days. I joked and asked if she went to the beach. Of course, I already knew the answer but she snapped and said “No Nicole, of course not. It’s work! Why on earth would I go to the beach while at work?”

I don’t think she knows what sarcasm is. At that moment, I felt like I was smaller than an ant and wished I would turn invisible, forever. I just turned away (my desk is diagonal from hers – she can see me from her desk) and continued working – thinking that this feels exactly how I felt most of my childhood + teenage years. It is best to stay quiet. Insignificant. I didn’t speak to her the rest of the day, except towards the end when she asked me to duplicate a new form that she wants the agents to use. I’ve become the MS Word + Excel Queen, apparently. Within 10 minutes I was done – didn’t even have to print a test sheet out, I knew it’d be fine to use.

I stayed late for a few minutes to update the marker board. It is so manual. Everything of this *new* department is so labor intensive when it doesn’t need to be. When my boss started the early morning meeting, she gave us some updated bits of the script the other department in FL is using. I sort of lost my breath. Not saying that it was bad, more like it was amazing and similar to what I suggested to another manager a few weeks prior when I was listening to calls/performing quality control. I just hope it gets implemented soon. :/ I know I really shouldn’t be complaining about anything – so thankful I have a job to speak of – but c’mon.

I’m taking a break from Facebook for a bit I think. Tired of people, to be honest. I find more joy in writing on here + reading other blogs than peoples statuses. So much drama. Now, I must try to relax enough to get to bed soon and get more sleep. Two more days then the weekend!

Happy Wednesday Night


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