I never “LOL” but this post qualifies

This weekend has flown by too fast.

Friday was a disaster at work. Within minutes of starting my work for the day, I was told I was moving desks. Normally isn’t a big deal but they were having me move in direct sight of the department manager and next to her admin. The admin is a “go-getter” and is still learning Excel – there was a moment in the day where the manager asked me if I know how to create page breaks, so that each agent had their own page of cases they were working on. Apparently her admin knew nothing of how to do this. This makes me want to scream. On top of the admin’s daily work, she sends out (waste of paper if you ask me) to each agent – follow up cases that need to be attended to. Instead of saying “follow up” or “reply back” or “update” she puts FU. I LOL’d when I saw this. FU, really? FU!

Also, my desk is now half the size of my previous one, and I’m down to one filing cabinet vs two. Mind you, I’m admin for my original department AND the admin assistant to the new dept’s admin assistant. Friday we were hit by the severe weather – thankfully my area (Indy) wasn’t hit by any tornadoes but several other areas south were. While the hail hitting the roof and the windows, my co-workers were curious and OPENING the blinds to take a better look. I noticed the sky turning a green color – a sign of tornadoes/scary weather in the midst – and I told them to stay away from the windows. Duh. The power was flickering, I was repeatedly saving my work on the computer. The last time the power surged a few weeks ago, I lost everything. The power never went out, thankfully.

I’m not a fan of severe weather. I jump when it thunders but I don’t mind lightning that much. On the way home though that afternoon, it was really, really windy. I shouldn’t have been driving as fast as I did but I wanted to just get home and relax. When I got onto my exit, the interstate signs were bending at a scary angle due to the high winds. Okay, I’ve driven in wind storms and I checked the weather before I left, but dang. When I pulled into my spot at home, the wind was pushing my door closed while trying to open it. I was my intention to hit up Wal-mart for food/get my hair done/and an oil change – but that wasn’t happening. Not that night.

We woke up rather early Saturday morning – starving because we hadn’t eaten since dinner on Friday so of course I was whining. Tired, but whiny. Golden Corral it was. Tasty but for some reason, my appetite died after my first plate. Later, went back home and I took off for Wal-mart to run the errands I was supposed to do Friday. The wait for the oil change was 3.5 to 4 hours. Fantastic. I needed it done + air filter replaced + fuel injector to be cleaned so that’s what I did. I also shopped for about an hour and had my haircut. I will never, ever return to that hair salon – if you want to call it that. She didn’t ruin my hair, in fact barely cut it. I didn’t notice it at the time – I was just thankful to be out of there – I had shopping to do and didn’t want to be sitting there all day. Shortly after, Clint called me and said that he’s taking his sister out for lunch to Qdoba and I’m welcome to tag along if I want. We haven’t been in over a year now – we like another place but it isn’t as well-known. La Bamba’s – OH SO GOOD. Anyway, @ Qdoba – I pigged out on lunch. I was just starving. It was nice to see his sister, Kelly again. I haven’t seen her since just after the new year. After we dropped her off at her house, I noticed that Walmart left a voice mail. My car was ready to be picked up – an hour prior. Literally 20 minutes after Clint picked me up for lunch, it was done. It took just over 2 hours. So when he dropped me off at Walmart, he stuck around to make sure my car would start. After paying for the oil change, I went to start my car. See, it’s manual and I always park it in neutral with the E-brake on, so that when I start it, it doesn’t lurch forward. The people left it in First and didn’t have the E-brake on and turned the ignition to LOCK. It’s difficult for me to unlock it. After some not so nice words, I had Clint unlock it for me. I’m such a wuss.

The car was perfect. No noise, no hesitation/lurching – nothing until I got onto the highway and pressed on the gas to go faster, then it lurched a few times but nothing like the last two weeks. Also, while idling – its not running slow? I’m not sure how else to describe it. Faint vibrations, but not the dramatic feeling-like-you’re-in-an-old-truck type thing.

Once we got home, I quickly started on laundry – three loads vs my usual four/five so that was nice. I stayed home the rest of the day/afternoon/evening. Clint is out with friends right now, he’s a night owl. It is going on 0300 and I’m ready to pass out. While we were eating dinner earlier, we were watching this movie, “The Lincoln Lawyer” – if you like great/suspenseful/awesome/awesome movies, you HAVE to watch it! We lucked out and found it on Netflix. I won’t give it away as Clint left partway through it but it is now on my Top 10 List. 🙂

Okay.. off to bed. G’night all.




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