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I want to be a kid when I grow up

My boyfriend and I are still into ‘kid things’ – erm, colorful decorations. He has a light up Rubix Cube that plays sounds for a moment when you plug it in/or unplug it. I have a sort of addiction. Not to drugs or alcohol or gambling, rather sites like Pinterest. Wanelo is great too but a bit more organized. Just found this:

Rainbow stars! OK…I know it is garland you’d put up in a nursery but it is SO COOL! Sort of a calming light would emit from the paper stars.

Rainbow Lights

Not exactly childish, or maybe it is – but I really wish we had a dog just so that I could dress it up.

Rainbow Cake! I have the mix for this – but hesitant to make it because I’m afraid the colors will mix together before baking and turn into a brownish color.

Rainbow Jello Shots! OK not for kids exactly, but they look fun don’t they? Perfect for parties. ‘course you could always omit the alcohol for the kiddos. 🙂

I *love* IKEA stuff – unfortunately there are no IKEA’s here in my state… this shelf is so nice and practical. Would be great in our apartment but there is painted brick (which I think is fake) along the back splash. I do hope our next place will be able to hang something like this up.

Haha we need this for the bathroom!

I think that’s about it for the night. Clint is due to be home any moment. He needs to watch the rest of the movie The Lincoln Lawyer, which I’ll watch because I’m that kind of person who gets acutely obsessed with movies until I watch the crap out of them – then I’ll be OK to part ways. Haha. When I first saw The Happening – though I found it super scary, I had to watch it several more times. Titanic was the same way. :/

G’night all!


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