Time on Task!

I was on track tonight -mostly- and renewed my registration for my license plate tags. I have moved from the township/county that is on the registration about two years ago but I’m too lazy to go to the BMV to change it. The address on file for my drivers license is my Dad’s address. I should change/update it, but he’s always going to live there, plus in 6 months we’ll be moving out of this ghetto apartment complex and hopefully into a nicer one. $58.05 just to get a sticker with the numbers 13. Sixty bucks for a sticker. I did call the BMV today during my lunch at work (had to wait 10 minutes for a customer service rep, busy place!) and asked if they do honor temporary renewals. The rep said they used to but stopped a few years ago. I explained my situation, she suggested for me to go ahead and renew my current registration, xfer the plate to the new car, pay a $10.75 fee and viola! I should have renewed this thing in January when I got the notice because it said it may take up to 14 days to arrive. My current one expires in 7 days. Haha, way to go me.
For dinner tonight: TGIF’s tater skins with bacon and cheese. Now, the box of only 7 halves was nearly $3. I got ripped off, seriously. I did eat rather healthy all day though: breakfast – my *own* egg ‘n biscuit sandwich (Not McD’s – though theirs are better tasting). Lunch: turkey sandwich & spring mix salad with walnuts, finely shredded Italian cheese (we’re out of Feta) topped with balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Snack at work: cherry/fruit cup. Once I got home though, I dove into the bag of Doggy Chow. Haha.
I was so craving Beef Stir Fry tonight but realized I needed several more ingredients to make it. After texting Clint about it (he’s at work, but chattin’ via Yahoo) he suggested I visit our favorite Chinese restauraunt, Egg Roll King for some Chicken Fried Rice. Though it is super-duper tempting, I’m hesitant of my freaking car stalling out somewhere between here and there.
It is rather strange to think that I’m OK money wise now. I mean sure, I’m still in debt but I’m slowly making my way out, each payment is one less to worry about later. April through late July last year I was unemployed. At first it wasn’t so bad but when the bills started to come in and relying on Clint’s income – things got tight. Fast. Now it’s a bit more flexible. I’m making what I should have been all along. I’m actually saving money now. My poor savings had no activity until about a couple weeks ago.
I worked in the Audit department of two companies and held auditing positions within two others and never even fathomed I’d be making this much money. OK its not like I’m earning a million per hour (though, that would be really nice haha). There is one job that I loved. Really loved. Hallmark. I worked for them two different times. Seattle area and Indianapolis area. I almost considered opening up my own store – though at the time I was working three jobs just to make ends meet and no savings to my name. I had just moved back home (Indiana) and divorced a year prior – starting new all over again.
OK now Clint has placed in a order of Peanut Butter Fudge with walnuts and fluff… so I must get to it.
Have a lovely night.