An update regarding my car:

Nothing has changed really with my current car. To be a little more detailed, it is a ’89 Camry, Manual. Though I have rather enjoyed driving manual, it will be nice to not worry about which gear I need to be in each moment of driving. I don’t have a RPM Gauge (whatever the real term is called) so I’ve been having to listen to the engine. Since summer though, it requires to run at a higher gear in a lower speed. For years since I bought it in ’06, it required only to be in 5th gear when I was at 50+ Now though, the engine whines at 40. On the drive home tonight, I saw a few cars alongside the road with their warning lights flashing, a couple miles apart. Then my car was slowing down, while I was on the gas. I was in the fast lane – on the interstate. I gunned it and it picked back up again. I hate this unknowing feeling. My interior windows are forming a thick film – I’m assuming from the exhaust fumes. I’ve cleaned those windows once a month and the windshield refuses to get 100% clean.

On a good note/update: St. Patrick’s Day has a new meaning, I GET MY NEW CAR!!!! FINALLY! So… So happy! Though car isn’t technically new, I’m used to it and my boyfriend already has two of them. The one I’m getting is just a few years younger than my Camry.

My *new* Car!

  Here’s a picture of it, though the one pictured is a manual – close enough though. Mine is automagic! 1992 Subaru SVX. This moment brings me back to my childhood when my parents said they’ll buy us a puppy/cat/rabbit (yep, we raised bunnies)/turtles/etc if we take care of them each day. I just want to have my car in my possession and can finally breathe a sigh of relief knowing I can rely on that car as a daily driver, and not be so full of anxiety and worry that it won’t make it on a local road trip.

I’ll have to call up my local BMV (why they call that here, I don’t know. I’m used to DMV) and see if they’ll let me just renew my registration for 3 months instead of an entire year. It’s up 7 Mar 12. The car is supposed to be here 17 Mar 12. Yeah, just about each month – the guy who is selling us the car keeps delaying it. He’s a friend of my boyfriends and the car is already paid off. He works on cars for a living and offered a trade of sorts. He wants my car plus a partial of what the SVX was worth to even things out, and to get my craptastic Camry off my hands. He lives out of state, otherwise I wouldn’t be as worried about it. But like usual, I’m worried.

On a suggestion of a couple co-workers and one of my followers, I googled the effects/symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. I’m only getting the acute ones: headaches; vertigo; flu-like symptoms. Depression… meh. It runs in my family and I’ve had a BAD case of it before, but I don’t think I’m depressed. Sure, I have my off days but who doesn’t? I do know that my patience level has dropped off. I seem to have zero patience at work and home. Hell, all the time. Not sure if I can blame this on my car. Can I? 🙂

It is going to be 68 degrees here tomorrow. Might be a record, but of course it won’t be a clear and sunny day. Thunderstorms with a chance of them being severe. My boss predicted that on or around 1 March, we’d be hit by a big winter storm. Not sure she meant a thunderstorm.

Hormel brand Beef Tamales aren’t that great, unless you add some sort of hot/mild sauce to it and cheese – even then, it’s a bit bland. Its what I’m having for dinner because it seemed like nearly everyone at my work was enjoying some sort of life from the ocean and it was awful. Stagnant air and it was heating up inside. Not a great combination. Lobster, shrimp, crawfish, – not sure what else was a part of Seafood Gumbo that someone made and I wish I could have lit my candle that’s on my desk – but its not allowed. Yet nasty-smelling fish is?

Listening to music from my Nano, turning up the volume a bit because I haven’t listened to music other than rap/old rap crap at work. I tend to listen to alternative/indie/rock. No country or rap here, folks. Forget gospel. If my fellow admin co-worker had her way, we’d all be suffering to Gospel music. OK some of it is alright – like the choirs – with well known songs like around the holidays but other than that, keep it to yourself. I could listen to classical music 24/7. Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Tchaikovsky (I can pronounce his name with no problem, but I still have to look it up to spell it); Vivaldi. I’m sure there’s more, but that’s the ones I can recall.

I’ve washed the dishes (didn’t feel like doing them last night, so I left them for this morning before work – of course that didn’t happen) tonight soon after getting home. It’s going to be an early night to bed. Not a fan of my hours changing mid-week though. It is a set schedule at least for the next two weeks but still not a fan. Either way, I won’t get to see my boyfriend until the weekends – but since he works nights and I work days, our sleep schedules are out of whack. We try to meet in the middle when his daughter Alexis stays the weekends with us. She’s up with the sun in the morning (generally speaking) and zonked out by 11 or so at night. I wish I had her level of energy, still. Instead, I’d rather stay inside sitting down or sitting up on the bed with the laptop on my lap – adding an entry here. Or reading a book, or even watching TV. The Food Network! No wonder I’m gaining so much weight. Technically, I’m still underweight but I don’t feel like I am. Whatever I eat, goes to the wrong areas and stays there. My wrists are still very, very thin. :/ Everything else, not so much. I’m sort of lopsided.

Ah, time to get things ready for bed and for the morning… G’night all.

Happy Leap Year Eve. 🙂

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