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Havin’ A Bad Day…

They say Mondays are bad days. Yep, today was just that. I should have stayed home and inside, all day.

Once I got to work, checked my email before clocking in, I received a nasty email from my boss who reminded me that even though I’m assisting her department (that’s putting it lightly, I’m working there 6 hrs each day), I still have responsibilities at my current department to oversee throughout the day, print out reports when needed, things like that. Sounds simple. On Friday I was told to spend the rest of the day being trained, so that’s what I did. Yet I get yelled at for it.  The lady who is training me eats sardines like its candy and I just want to vomit. My clothes smell like it and I thought that my exhaust backing up into my car was bad. Sardines are much worse. I asked to move over to my desk from hers (mainly to get away from the smell, plus it is very loud on that side of the office) to mine where the heat doesn’t quite reach but it is more peaceful. I’m getting the hang of it. I almost want to laugh at the way she does her spreadsheets, but she needs to develop her own way of doing things as I have my own to do in my first department.

This brings the issue with my car. It’s a lost cause, I think. There is no way of me forking out more money into it when I’m getting it replaced soon (oh I do hope it is soon) so I don’t have to worry about it. Only paying for new tires, registration/plates, insurance. The issue with it is the exhaust. The gasoline/whatever/bad smell is coming inside. It wasn’t so bad when there was no exhaust coming in when the air was on, but now I can’t even have it on that long. Forget opening the windows a little, that brings in much more in. This would explain all the headaches I’ve been having and lack of appetite. When I got home on Friday, I just wanted to lie down and sleep. Tonight, I’m so tired and I know I need to eat more than just a salad and a bowl of dry cereal but I just feel sick.

Awhile ago, someone who smokes at least 4 times a day, told me that she doesn’t drink that powdered drink mix for water because it’s bad for you. I started laughing – and I was the only one. Really? And smoking is good for you? I stopped being myself at work now. I’m just there to do my job and that is it. I’m not there to be best friends with anyone or socialize with sardine lady – who happens to be over-religious. Now, don’t get me wrong – that’s OK but I’m just not.. religious. I don’t go to work to be preached to, sorry. Or to be told to pray for something. I usually take things more personal than really needed and I’m trying not to let that happen here, but I have a feeling it already has. I wish I could just let this and everything else that bugs me, roll off like its nothing, but I can’t. I guess I’m a sensitive person.

Last night my boyfriend and I went out for dinner – becoming a common thing, but its great because we’ve been trying new places. Firehouse Subs – my first time, his second. 🙂 Not bad, but we fell in love with their coke machine. You have 100+ choices of drinks. I chose Mello Yellow – Grape! Tasted just like a grape Skittle – a little tangy but sweet too. Clint said he wanted one, in our apartment. They start off at $2k. Not cheap, exactly – nor is the syrup for the soda but it’d be worth it in a business type of place vs an apartment. 😉

Off to bed, I think. Definitely not feeling well but need to get better by morning.

Happy crappy Monday Night.