This and that

The Superbowl crowds have left Indianapolis and I’m ever so thankful. The weather was so nice during that time (in the 40’s/50’s and SUNNY) but of course after they left, it returned to normal, teens to 30’s and chance of snow each night. It was good while it lasted.

In efforts in bringing up my credit score (futile move, at this rate) I decided it was probably time to start chipping away at my debt and make some sort of effort in paying it off. I had paid a small portion to one creditor on Friday only to recieve a nasty email saying they expect receipt of the ENTIRE BALANCE no later than Feb 28th. Yeah, I don’t have that – and as I already explained to them, they agreed on a payment plan yet they still sent the email? I don’t get it. I have two more, one is super small but they’re closed on weekends and I don’t have a stamp to mail off a check so I’ll call them tomorrow.

I filed my taxes way early this year and received both refunds a week later. This will never happen again, folks. Ever. A large chunk of the total amount is now moved over to savings – to stay until I get my new (old but better) car for the tires; xtra parts if needed; registration/plate oh and insurance. Really wanting to get away from State Farm. Though I’ve been with them for years, a decade – I think it is time to move on.

So I heard that the state of NJ flew the flag at half staff out of respect for Whitney Houston. Ahem… Really? How did she influence our country? How did she sacrifice herself? I don’t understand why… I don’t agree with it. It’s meant to respect those who lost their lives in tragedies or for fallen soldiers or for passing government officials. Not for drug-addicted singers who apparently can’t get back on their feet no matter how much money is flown in their faces. Yet everyday people are able to, with only a fraction of the money because they have to work for a living..

Dinner is calling my name as it is nearing 8:30 PM and I’ve had only one meal today, lunch – around 3:45. So.. so bad. Grilled cheese is on my mind, or rather Barbque Ribs from City Barbecue from Friday night. OH SO GOOD!

Will update more tomorrow night or so. Happy Presidents day!