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The aftermath

I’m really worn out from work but I seem to have done less “work” than normal. A lot of it was listening to calls – training to be a quality control analyst. Average length: 30 minutes. Each. About ten agents total just for one department and there’s three so yeah, lots of listening. 🙂

Work was bit of a sore subject for me on Thursday. It was touch and go – I was super pissed off and afraid I’d have to lose the job, over two dollars. I know… I know it’s not a HUGE deal but really, it kinda was. I was hired under Admin but making entry-level Screener pay until I was fully trained as Admin which I went live with my work last Monday. My pay had yet to be updated in the system. Come Thursday though, plans have changed in the office – half of our agents were transferred to the other new department so there goes half of my workload. To account for the loss, they wanted me to train as a part time Quality Control Analyst while the usual person is on leave. That’s cool – more stuff to learn, big fan of that. Only my boss was going to keep me at the entry-level pay. Even though I wasn’t doing anything entry-level. I was super peeved, plus she sprung this on me a few minutes before I was to leave for the day. Not cool. I left in silence. My headaches I’ve been having for a couple weeks intensified on the drive home. I hate driving while angry but I really didn’t want to call up Clint before the drive home – even though I knew he’d be on my side, I just wanted to get home and chill out. I did tell him once I walked into the door and we both talked about it. If worse come to worse, we’d figure it out if I did end up leaving the job over the pay. Little did I know, during this time, my boss was talking to the owners and discussing my pay/issue. I tried calling the owner but the extension I had was incorrect and my call disconnected. I made up my mind that I’d speak to him in the morning before work – and prepare myself if I did have to just say I’d be quitting. That night, I slept really badly and my headaches got much worse – turned into a full blown migrane by the time I needed to be awake so I called in. I guess my message on my boss’s cell phone came out garbled (could have been my awesome/bad phone) because she called back asking if I was quitting or sick. We played phone tag but finally we were able to talk. I let her know I wasn’t quitting, I’m just sick with a migrane and she told me that after speaking to the owners, they agreed that I should be paid Admin (like I should’ve been anyway) starting Monday. WOOT NESS!

I still have a headache but I’m probably just dehydrated.

I’m currently making dinner: baked chicken with Italian seasonings, cornbread, and …. Not sure what I’ll have, maybe cut carrots as a veggie. A bit tired of green beans, though it’ll go really well with it. All done. Rather tasty too. I haven’t been eating as much as I should have lately.

The Superbowl was here in Indianapolis last night, though Superbowl festivities were here for much longer. So ready for the visitors to leave and bring back normal traffic. We avoided downtown especially this weekend because of all the tourists. Indy is great, really but not so much in the winter.

Alright, time to wash the dishes and start reading on my book again.

Happy Monday night