Lazy Sunday

This morning I slept in much later than planned, but it is the weekend so really, who’s going to complain? The first thought that popped into my mind when I grabbed my phone to disable the much-too-late-alarm was French Toast. I then visted FoodGawker’s site and searched for the best/easiest recipe and I found one. Looked simple enough. Recipe called for 8 slices of bread but since I’d be the only one eating, I cut it down to 3. I also halved the ingredients too and winged the amount of eggs to dip the bread in. I think I poured in too much milk because I had a lot of excess dipping mixture, but I couldn’t save it for later. Plopped them on the heated griddle and within 10 minutes they were ready. OH SO GOOD

I managed to be semi-productive today: did one load of laundry, consisted most of Clint’s work clothes, but he needed them to stay warm. Also, later on this evening I painted my nails. This hasn’t happened since summer, folks. A long time coming, really. I wish I could say I did a good job, but it seems I painted the skin surrounding the nail more-so than the nail itself. My hands have a tendancy to tremble a bit when I need to keep them still, so that didn’t help much. They’re now a deep plum color, to match my shirt I’ll wear to work tomorrow – plus it is my favorite color. Thought that it’d brighten things up a bit.

Speaking of work, I landed a new job. Hopefully it will be the ONLY ONE this year. I had a grand total of 4 jobs last year. It is a call-center, rather on the small side compared to the last one, but after a lucky shot on Facebook, asking my friends if anyone knew of a company that was hiring and paying a decent wage, to let me know. Pretty much instantly I received a reply from a friend I used to go to HS with. She mentioned a company she used to work at for two years who pay very well for easy work. My kinda place! They have heat too! Bonus! Currently I’m a screener. I take super-short calls to filter out the people who don’t qualify for our services. I also train to become the Administrative Assistant. Screeners make a bit less, which I’m at right now, until I get fully trained with the Admin stuff – then I’ll be fine. Only I’m learning via speaker phone with the other Admin in Chicago and “learning” via MS Excel programs/documents that they use in order to perform the job. I do hope I can get right on the Admin stuff asap. I really don’t want to be stuck as a Screener for very long. Thing is, with this job – it is not temp. So so so thankful! After 90 days, I qualify for health insurance which they pay for partial which is pretty awesome. I’m excited.

I also feel a bit bad and need to seriously redeem myself. Last week was my first week there and on Wednesday, day three, I had to call in sick. I had a seriously high fever and felt dizzy/all around like crap. I was sick through yesterday and today the fever is gone, but coughing/sneezing have arrived. Tylenol Cold is my new best friend. The office, pretty much 75% of it was sick as well. Thursday, I walked in hoping that my job was still on the table. Found my boss at my desk. Oh no, I thought. This is it. She was stapling paperwork while talking on her cell phone and chatting to the other CSR’s on the floor. This woman is the definition of multi-tasking. She is awesome. While I was walking towards her, she turned at me and put her hand up. Asked if I was feeling better. I shook my head but said I can still work, its not a problem. She said “No no.. Nicole, you’re going straight home. Most of the staff is sick and I don’t want to get it. You all need to go home and rest up. Return when you’re 100%” I took this as a nice/different way of saying that I’ve been awful for calling in on my FIRST WEEK but she reassured me and said we have no points system. She understands that I’m super sick/feverish and doesn’t want me to spread it by working.

Friday I wasn’t 100% but I was tired of being home and in bed, so I went into work. I did a half day. She let me go home after I took my lunch. Told me to get better over the weekend. Coughing and sneezing are around but its much better than being dizzy and a 103 fever.

I just finished up making Peanut Butter Fudge  for Clint. Mmmmm… The kitchen smells like PB but oh well. In a few hours it’ll dissappate.

I’m not used to my new schedule though. I work Monday through Friday, 8:30-5 with weekends off. Crazy, right? Right! I mean, I’m not complaining but Clint’s and my shifts contrast dramatically. We hardly see each other during the week and on the weekends he sleeps in during the day. He works nights, I work days. Then again, it is a steady/stable job I have and once I get fully-trained, I’ll be making better money. I’m just not used to going to bed so early. 10pm is my goal to fall asleep by. It’s been as of late, around 11:30 by the time I get sleepy enough to get into bed. :/ It’ll roll back, I’m sure. This weekend didn’t help much, as I slept in way too late. Whoops! Next weekend, I need to train myself to stay on schedule.

Clint and I have been serious in watching the latest of Ron Paul’s coverage on YouTube and CNN. Found that CNN is rather biased and cuts off/out Paul’s commentary or his supporters. Yeah, we’re Paul fans. I credit Clint in showing me the light, so to speak. I just wish others would hear Ron out and see that he is cutting through all the BS in Washington and there to get down to business and fix our economy, not to get pretty boy points like Romney. Who names their kid Mitt, anyway?

/end rant.

It never fails. I always get super hungry right before I need to go to bed. I should have made oatmeal, but instead I’m eating Cheese Fries. OK oatmeal it is. Healthier and fills me up better. Though not as tasty as the fries. *tear* Peaches ‘n cream oatmeal. Haven’t had this stuff in months. Not bad. 🙂

OK nearing 10pm and should be heading to bed anytime now.

Happy Sunday Night.