A cure is wanted

For a week-long headache. Started out as a migrane but now it’s barely there but I can feel it in the back of my head. If anyone knows, I’m all ears.
I had a better day at work than I expected. Instead of sticking to the redundant script meant for us to follow for each call that comes in, I decided to be myself – respectful but less boring. At least 90% of the calls ended on a positive note. A few mentioned they’d love to leave a comment about my call performance. Woot.
Immediately after work, I realized instead of relaxing at home where it is nice and warm, I had to go grocery shopping at wonderful Walmart. Most of the evening cashiers know me by face now (I’m awful with names, faces though, I’m not too bad). I shop with listening to music via pandora or ipod and that generally puts me in a good mood. Spent less than what was budgeted. Score!
The Iowa Caucus is tonight, and last I heard poor Ron Paul was tied with the other two people, but in the lower third at 23%. CNN on my computer makes it lock up, and I refused to sit in front of the tv for another hour, so I migrated to the bedroom on my slower-than-crap computer. I do hope Ron Paul wins – America needs him, not the showboaters.
Debating going to bed early tonight. Went to bed rather late this morning. A bit tired of washing dishes – did three loads and two spoons are missing in action. We only have four, so it is vital they find their way back to the kitchen.