Good afternoon 2 January 2012!

The holidays were very nice – could have lived w/o the drama at work but I suppose that’s expected. We set up our tree rather late in the year, discovered it in storage that it was missing a leg on the stand, so we set it up, leaning into the corner beside the front door.

I’m a bit of a talker. In regards to well, everything. I say that I’m a huge fan of cooking and baking – only lack the results. This year will be different. I discovered that if I just have a little bit of confidence in my abilities, I could overcome just about anything. About a week ago, I tackled making Peanut Butter Fudge. I have never made fudge. The thought of doing it, petrified me. I thought that I’d be wasting precious ingredients and/or burning the kitchen down. Also, having the equipment makes a world of difference. I created a food blog last summer and have only a few recipes posted. It is so sad. I wish I was more organized in that department. Since then, I brought out my aging laptop from the closet and began using it primarily as a computer. We do have a desktop, but it is lost in the abyss aka the Office. I only go in there to collect dishes to wash. Clint has all his storage stuff from his old place, car stuff, hobby stuff all about the room. I don’t go in there that often. My laptop is now 9 years old, and the hard drive/memory needs a serious upgrade. About a $40 fix, but all my savings is going towards my new replacement car – insurance/tires/registration/plates/etc.

My laptop takes a long time to load. Last night, I was in the living room with it, waiting on Google Images page to load with the results. Clint asked how I’m able to be so patient with it. Well, usually as it’s loading, I’m away from the computer. Upon startup, it takes about 3-5 minutes to load – and usually at that time I just got home from work. So I’d be washing my face, warming up dinner/washing dishes to make dinner, getting into PJ’s. Once logging in, Firefox takes about the same amount of time to load so I continue cleaning or whatever needs to be done. Its funny, really. In a few months for sure, I’ll be able to afford to fork over the money to make this thing faster and more reliable. I have very little space left to save pictures, otherwise I’d glady start posting pics on here and on my other blog. Forget running iTunes & Gimp Image Editor. Takes up too much memory to load/run. I’ve stopped using Pandora on here too, and just use my phone for that. Don’t get me started on the battery. When unplugged, the max life is 20 minutes, on a good day. This is why it is always tethered to the power cord. Defeats the purpose of being a laptop. Internet speed isn’t too bad – but then again I am relying on an aging computer that is dying. 54 Mbps. We have cable internet – the desktop is much faster, I know.

Back to the new year: We watched Final Destination 5 through the New Year. Watching NYC’s ball drop event seems like the same each year. I figure watching it live, or in Chicago/Seattle, etc would be a much different experience, but I think we were both done with the holidays by then.

On the work front: I may be getting a new job soon. My current job isn’t what all I expected or told it would be. I will never go through another Temp Agency again. Sure, it is easy to land a job, but the quality of people they hire isn’t that great, generally speaking. It’s just a quota, a bonus for them if they meet their goal. For those they hire, it is their lives. I don’t agree with it at all. I was hired in through a Temp Agency but the job itself is Direct Hire. Out of the 18 people who completed training less than two months ago: only 12 remain. A few left because they found something better, a few more didn’t pass the second training class (THANK GOD) yet a few others aren’t all that great either. It is a call center. Some have no customer service experience, yet management hired them anyway, expecting amazing results? Uhm, no. I found something better. Already had my first interview, second will be sometime this week – and poof, I will be out of there!

When I woke up this morning, I had no idea snow had fallen overnight. It was toasty warm inside the apartment that I thought it was in the 50’s outside. Whoops! We’ve gone to Wal-Mart each day the last four days, and I’m thinking I’ll need to visit there again today. To get food fixings for some recipes I found online. Seven miles away, but sometimes it seems much further away because of the severely-retarded-drivers on this side of town. Something I miss about the NE side – everyone was in a big hurry. Here, everyday is Sunday. :/

Time to hop off here and get my list ready. Clint is still asleep, getting back on his sleeping schedule for work. Mine is messed up but I return tomorrow morning, as he goes back tomorrow evening. Lucky duck.

Happy New Year!