2011 Year In Review

January: Took a real road trip with Clint to Chicago. Visited downtown and stayed two nights at Hard Rock Hotel. Battled cold temperatures just to sightsee and enjoy our time together. Visited two McDonald’s on the trip. One time was intentional, the other was not. I blame my craptastic GPS on my phone for getting us lost, while walking downtown. Took loads of awesome pictures and overall loved the trip.

February: Things were getting strained at home with my half-sister, Clint and I decided to move in together. We found a great deal (or so we thought) at an apartment complex rather close to his work. Turned out that it’s super close to my current job.

March: My Bronchitis/OMG-I-Feel-Like-I’m-dying sickness is finally going away, I’m starting to feel like myself again. Walking up the 3 flights of stairs just to get to our apartment no longer makes me feel winded. We moved into our new place late Feb and the apartment is finally coming together.

April: My job at the gas station is driving me up the wall, I consider leaving. I think of ingenious ways of making my exit. Instead, I don’t show up for three days.

May: Regret leaving my job. Money is getting tight. I feel like crap for it.
June: Vee and Dave visit – tensions are strained with our Dad and Step Mom vs me due to old drama. I’d rather just accept and move on. They’d rather dig it up and dwell. Vee & Dave enjoy their time here in the ‘states but they soon leave to return home. It was a sad day.

July: Enjoy Independence Day festivities at local events. I apply to work at Amazon. I show up to my first day. They “lost” my paperwork, so I’m sent home to wait for the paperwork to show up. I apply at many other places.

August: Amazon wants me again, but at another location. I needed a job, so I accepted. I proceeded to walk my butt off for 3 months.
September: Still Amazon. Awesome money but my feet are dead.

October: Realizing that Amazon will most likely let go myself and dozens of other Temp Associates after the Holidays, I take up an offer for a new job that is hiring Directly but starts early Nov. They pay less, but it is Direct. Found a new/used car to replace my current one!

November: Start the new job. Realizing that my customer service skills are shining bright, I need more money. Applying to other jobs.

December: After months of saying “yeah, I’m going to cook/bake that one thing” I’m REALLY doing it! Well, this week anyway. I bought the stuff for it! I’ll be getting the new/old replacement car early in the new year. Woot woot! Clint was ever so nice in helping me pay for it.. but I will pay him back. Somehow/eventually. I’m still applying to jobs. Not sure that warehouse work is for me though, but I’m sure as hell not a fan of retail.

All in all, it has been a great year. 🙂 I do hope 2012 will be better though. It is always good to wish for better, right? 🙂


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