Too much caffeine

There is a such thing as too much caffeine. I proved it – well, now. I can’t keep my thoughts in order and I’m too buzzed at the moment to really complete a single task.

Buzzed as in, too hyper. Nothing else. 🙂

I haven’t really even begun Christmas shopping yet. I know, it is 12 Dec and only 12 more days remain. Not much time. I think this year though, for the bulk of the gifts I’ll be baking cookies or making cake pops. I already know what I’ll end up doing but I know what will happen. I’ll get the creative bug and try to experiment on limited supplies thinking it’ll be a masterpiece, only for it to fall apart in front of me.

For Clint and Alexis though, I may end up buying real gifts for them. He’s my loving boyfriend and she is his adorable daughter. She’d probably implode if she received one or two gifts for Christmas. I’ll do what my parents did: buy a bunch of little gifts and wrap them up as if they were the best gifts ever. I bought into it, of course. I was a kid.

Pinterest is a very addicting site. That and news sites are the ones I’m frequenting as of late. Well, besides Facebook. Getting all sorts of ideas for home decor, food, clothing, etc. Its crazy. I wish I had more money – then I could get all crafty and start making the stuff that’s posted. Just spent the last $30 on much-needed groceries tonight. I don’t get paid again till Friday. Going to be a rather long week.

I suppose with all this crazy energy I should get my Christmas cards done, and send off the mailer ones in the morning. Like one needs to travel all the way to England. I do hope I didn’t miss the cut off time!

Happy Monday