Short, but a good day

The first day of my new job was shortened due to the printers running out of toner – so they were unable to print off individual copies of the enormous Employee Handbook to everyone, nearly twenty people. Instead, the trainer read off key points of the master copy. I wrote down some things that I should try to remember, including the awesome perks: two weeks of paid vacation after 90 days. Woot! They’re calendar year runs from April to March so we’ll need to use up our days by the end of March of next year, starting around January. That won’t be too difficult. 🙂

We learned that the hours for training will be shortened as well, by a half hour to account for the half hour lunch squeezed in the day. Which is fine, because delaying it will bring the traffic down and won’t be a pain to get there. On the way, I nearly missed my turn. I’m not 100% familiar with this area and everything looks the same. If I had taken the wrong turn, I would have ended up on the freeway, then be late on my first day. That would have been bad.

I found myself starting to lose focus and nearly nod off when they announced that we’d be leaving two hours early. Dang, I was so relieved. Normally, it wouldn’t be a big deal – but I was exhausted. I slept like crap overnight and knew if I took a short nap I’d be all right. Once I got home, Clint was asleep but he heard someone make noise in the front room and it scared him. I told him it was just me. In his groggy-just-woke-up-can’t-understand-anything mode, I tried to explain why I was home early, but all I wanted to do was put on my PJ’s and crawl into bed where I knew it was warm. At work, it is strikingly cold – they refuse to turn on the heat – only the break and rest rooms have heat. You’d think a call center for a utility company would have HEAT, but no.

Time to bring out the sweaters.

I am thankful to be working in an environment that I’m used to vs the warehouse. Though, I will miss certain people, the call center/phones is more me. It’s been nearly ten years since I last work in a call center, but it’s all coming back. The composure, taking control of the call, using common-courtesies, etc. I’ve used all that the last ten years worth of jobs, especially face-to-face customer service positions. I learned that a genuine smile goes a long way.

In other news: I’m getting a car. I’d say new, but it’s only three years younger than my current one. Here’s a link to what it looks like: Subaru SVX. That’s not *my* car, but it’s close enough. I’ll be trading in my car for the deal. I will miss driving it but it’s time for it to go. Will be nice to have power windows for once. I never owned a car that had it. Sad but true. My boyfriend has two SVX’s already, it was time for me to get one of my own. 🙂

Time for dinner. Must resist taking a nap that’ll turn into an all-nighter. I guess wouldn’t be too bad, but I don’t want to sleep too much. 🙂

Happy Tuesday