Funny how everyone else in the world (okay, the Western Hemisphere) who’s on a normal shift is just now heading to work as I’m relaxing in our bedroom wearing PJ’s. Some would assume I’m sick or playing “hooky” but alas, I have done my work – I work nights now, ten hours, baby. I never thought that I wouldn’t feel exhausted after working so many hours but somehow driving the 20 odd miles home after work wakes me up all over again. I need at least two hours to relax and unwind from the day in order to sleep, through the day.

My days are a blur now. All I know is when 2:45 rolls around, I’m up and getting ready. If any calls need to be made, I do it then or I’ll never do it – I hate feeling rushed. Ha, that’s a little comical since my job code literally means rushing around. Years ago, I would have loved this job since my energy level was through the roof, no caffeine required. Now, I must have some coffee before work and maybe Mt. Dew during break.

The other temp agency that screwed me over in August keeps sending me emails about surveys and opportunities. Meh. I’m a bit tempted to ask them to pull out my application/resume and take me off their list – but I don’t know what my future holds with my current position as it is temporary – I do hope I’m hired on but we shall see.

It’s funny when Mandatory Overtime rolls around – hello, it is nearing Peak/Holiday Season – that is why so many of us are here now. It’s time and a half, come on. What else would you be doing on your extra day off anyway? Oh yes, sleep. :p As for me, I like to think of it as a way to stay out of trouble. What I mean by that is not spending money. Like a great majority of others, I’m trying to dig myself out of debt – spending money defeats that purpose.

One thing we must get for our apartment: Blackout Shade/Curtains. Holy crap. Its as if spotlights shine through the windows during the day while we’re sleeping. Doesn’t help that I’m an extremely light sleeper – once I wake up – I’m up for good. Melatonin works wonders, but I’m debating going with a higher dose. 1mg is a bit low. Eventually, once I can afford it, I’ll see a doctor for my sleeplessness. Not a fan of taking sleep aids (though I do admit to taking them) because I wake up so groggy in the morning (afternoon).

My food journal/site – poor thing hasn’t been updated since late July and I really need to work on it again, when I have the time. Using my laptop at the moment. This thing is a joke, seriously. I’m just buying time till the hard drive goes out completely – which is only a $40 fix to replace, but I would really rather get a new one. Apple/Mac would be wonderful but I need to be realistic. Toshiba is great too. Currently, this one is Gateway circa 2004 – a gift from my Mom – she bought a new one last year. Has the ever-so-reliable Windows Home Edition on it, screen resolution 1024 x 768, but I would like it higher and the color/image quality is pretty bad. The time it takes for startup is about three minutes. Haha.. so funny. :/

Going on 7 already. Insane. And I’m getting tired – which is a good thing.

Over the weekend, on Saturday we drove up to northern Indiana to the Indiana Dunes State Park in Chesterton at Lake Michigan. Beautiful. I do have pics but need to tweek them a bit before posting them on here, be patient. 🙂

OK if I go to bed now, I’ll get around seven hours of sleep. Woot!

Happy Tuesday!