Autumn ’11

Last weekend we drove out to Rockville, IN and then to Bridgeton to visit the Bridgeton Covered Bridge. It was so freaking chilly, but beautiful outside. Poor Alexis (Clint’s daughter) forgot her jacket, but she didn’t seem to mind by the time she ejected herself from the car and ran down to the creek to explore. Ah, to be eight again – and to have all that pent-up energy just waiting to burn it off.

I do remember having that unlimited amount of energy – it seems like ages ago but I was like that for the longest time. I sometimes get that way, when it comes down to cleaning. Lame, I realize this. I miss that feeling of freedom and exploring. Instead, I was worried that she would fall into the freezing water and be miserable for the rest of the day-trip. I probably just made myself miserable just worrying about the “what if” situations.

Hell, I hate that feeling. I get it all the time. Does that happen to anyone else? At work, I’m always worried I’ll fall down the stairs and break another ankle or while driving home – meh. I need to not do that anymore and just relax. Whatever happens, happens.

Steve Jobs died Wednesday. Very, very sad. What is more sad that some people at my work had no idea who I was talking about. Either they have never used a computer in their life or lives under a rock.

I need to start on cooking and sprucing up the apartment. Less going out to eat – more time to enjoy ourselves at home and not wasting so much money. That is the goal anyway.

Thought at the moment: I-Heart Radio really sucks. Pandora is much better. Anyone who disagrees doesn’t know what they’re missing. 🙂

Pumpkin carving is upon us. Found a large (ish) one at Walmart two weeks ago – this weekend Clint and Alexis will draw out the face and he’ll carve it. My job is taking out the innards and flinging it at them. Haha, no. I’ll sort out the seeds and dry them out in the oven. I have yet to have Pumpkin Seeds but I’ve heard they’re pretty good.

Very hungry at the moment – ate just a few chips on my last break at work.. going on five hours ago. Not good, I know. IHOP is in our future. 🙂

Happy Friday!