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Fresh Meat!

….you thought this post was going to be about beef or lamb, eh? Well, it’s not. Instead it is about a possible new job within my grasp.. I just have to visit the home office of the hiring agency and complete a couple of tests and then the interview. Oh man, I hope I get it. They pay really well, despite it being a warehouse position. It’ll be my first job in a warehouse setting but by Clint’s thoughts on it, as he works for the same company, I don’t think I have much to worry about. I’ll keep everyone posted.

I’ve applied everywhere just about and it’s funny because this is the only place that has offered an interview.

My great friend Kyong will be here in the morning to do a free professional Makeover on me and I honestly cannot wait. Included is: Haircut, styled; Mini-Facial, Makeup Application & lesson; Mini-manicure; Four Photographs; as well as eye brow shaping. Woot! I’m happy.

Now, I must get the house ready for company, it’s clean-ish. 🙂


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